Meet Jay, a 38 year old entrepreneur. Jay came to the office complaining about his struggle with motivation, joint pain, fatigue, and digestive issues. He had been putting his health aside as he has been growing his business. Now that his business is stable, he’s realizing the value of good health and the impact it can have on his future growth potential.

Jay looked relatively healthy on the outside, you would never guess he was struggling so much. His clothes were a little loose on him, indicating some weight loss. Jay had dark circles under his eyes and his eyes were slightly bloodshot. He looked healthy but worn out.

Jay reported that his health issues started after he was put on a course of antibiotics for an oral infection several years ago. He eats organic as much as possible, avoids gluten 100%, and works out 4 times a week. Lately, he’s noticed that has been tired in the morning and not as motivated at work and at home. He’s got a great marriage, enjoys time with his young family, but reports he’s overdue for a vacation. He’s been grinding it out over the last few years trying to grow his venture.

We discussed his downtime activities, how much time he spends in nature, his sleep schedule, and his childhood. Through our conversation, we uncovered that he sits most of the day at his desk, hardly gets outside for fresh air, and goes to bed way too late. He was a textbook perfectionist and always beating himself up – nothing was good enough. His parents always put a lot of pressure on him and it was taking a toll on his internal dialogue.

Jay had seen his family doctor a few months ago and his lab work came back “normal”. There were no significant findings and he checked out clear for any major issues despite his symptoms above. The good news was that he wasn’t going to die, but this was not the way he wanted to live the rest of his life.

I started off by suggesting some simple lifestyle changes such as going to bed by 10pm, regulating his blue light exposure, setting a timer at work (forcing him to walk around more), and improved hydration habits. Within two weeks he noticed more energy, better mental clarity, and greater strength at the gym. He also became more present and noticed better focus at work. His creativity improved and his memory sharpened.  Jay even started meditating using a MUSE device on his own!

We cleaned up his diet by lowering his grain intake and introduced cleaner sources of protein. He added collagen powder to his shakes, hot drinks, and soups. He was eating a lot of plant based foods but needed to eat more vegetables. We also had him incorporate healing spices like ginger and turmeric into his diet to help lower inflammation.

His functional lab testing revealed a high demand for magnesium, high levels of oxidation, and poor detoxification status. His stool testing indicated an H. Pylori infection and an overactive immune response.

Jay was determined to get results and quickly took action on his supplement protocol, he also stuck to his nutrition and lifestyle plan. In fact, he started getting the rest of his employees on board with the lifestyle changes so they could hold each other accountable.

After 8 weeks, Jay felt like he hit his stride! His energy was back, his joint pain disappeared, his creativity was better than ever, he took a much-needed vacation, even his staff was healthier and more productive! With the increased productivity, focus, and a healthier team, Jay doubled his revenue in 4 months.

Jay became a huge advocate for empowered personal health and encouraged many of his friends and family members to explore functional and lifestyle medicine. Jay continues to be a successful business owner and health advocate.

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