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As Functional & Lifestyle Medicine practitioners we are always looking for ways to help improve the health of our patients.  From our experience we have often encountered patients that are looking for a complete roadmap to healing.  This is why our programs consider the many aspects of your life that will impact your health outcomes.  After careful evaluation there may be many blind spots and opportunities in a client's homes and work place.  By evaluating the space that you are living or working in, there is often room for improvement.  We adopt a time-tested and highly respected form of healing spaces, Feng Shui.  Our consultant of choice is Cyd Alper-Sedgwick. 

As you read this collaborative article, identify some opportunities in your space to improve your energy flow.  This is not a religion, this is an understanding of energy dynamics.  This is something that everyone can and should practice.  I know for me personally it has had a significant impact and has improved the energy in my sacred spaces.  Thanks to Cyd's expertise, many of our patients have benefitted a great deal as well.  I would like to thank Cyd for her contribution and sharing of this knowledge.  Below are a few questions from a recent interview with her. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the tool used to heal the buildings in which we live and work.  It is a process that we may take for granted, just in the same way we do good health, but when the time comes, as it always does, we know we have to take action.

Why do we need Feng Shui?

Very much in the same way we take steps by detoxifying our bodies, we must consider the health of our "Sacred Spaces", our homes, offices, and all places of business. Our spaces also need to be healed and nurtured.

Spending so much time in pursuit of business, the gentle art of Feng Shui is vitally important to the buildings we spend so much time in.

Positive Chi makes all the difference to your space, allowing the same healthy flow that you expect when you seek the right professional help for your body.

Who uses your Feng Shui services?

I have worked with many executives from Proctor and Gamble, GE, State Farm, all of whom recognize that to have a healthy environment allows for better and more harmonic prosperity.  Thousands of people around the world have tapped into the ancient understanding.  In fact, virtually all fortune 500 companies use Feng Shui as a guiding design principle in their structures and in their interior design.

What are common energy traps you see most often?

The worst offender is the office cubicle, this allows negative energy to remain trapped and drains the body, in much the same way as clogging the arteries to the heart.

Any furniture that is angled across the corner causes energy to "die" and become stagnant behind it.

Piles of books, journals, and magazines harbor as much negative energy as germs.

Window blinds that are constantly closed.

Excess exposure to electricity, wi-fi, overhead lighting etc.

Certain color schemes, color is important for a healthy lifestyle and energy.

What are some the remedies for these issues?

A great deal can be achieved by removing the cubicle and allowing the general flow in the office space

If a piece of furniture has to be angled, place a 'cure' behind it, a silk tree (but not in the Wealth area), wind chimes, crystals, are all good energy providers.

Open the blinds and window treatments as much as possible to allow the energy in, close these at the end of the day to retain the energy.

Use upward lighting instead of down lighting.  This creates a more uplifting energy instead of the constant pressure of the light from above.

Ensure that the colors of your space compliment you and provide the 'lift' needed for a nurturing and healthy lifestyle.

These should follow the guidance of the Bagua Map.

Bagua Map

What is your main focus when you work with a client?

My job is to heal the building so that they can maintain the healthy lifestyle.  The home and office space can be draining and stagnant, this severely affects one's health and often the sacred space should be looked at in just the same way one consults with their healthcare provider. The environment can very quickly undo all the hard work and make life much harder than it needs to be.

A healthy, positive space is important for those suffering ill health, it gives the support needed to ensure less stress and an environment that supports the client.

Clearing as much clutter as possible, ensuring that gentle, relaxing and healing colors are used, and upward gentle lighting will all help.

What can a client expect when they work with you?

One can expect a more positive and long lasting result from Feng Shui when it is done by a trained consultant.  The energy is constantly changing as is our life.  Having a consultant who is attentive to this is very important.  

What are your top tips for our readers?

Keep the "mouth of Chi" open.  Make it bright, cheerful, colorful and clean

No dead leaves, cracks in masonry, or old plants

Clear old books, magazines, and papers on a monthly basis

Get rid of things for purely sentimental reasons, allow a new future into your life

Mirrors should always reflect good energy from the outside

Your desk should be facing your doorway, if the furniture cannot be moved, a cure is recommended.

Have an open heart

Where should we start first, home or business?

Your home should be Feng Shui'd first in my opinion as this is a Super Sacred Space and if fully operational as a positive space will nurture and support in difficult times.  The Office is important in that it financially supports the Super Sacred Space BUT...it has to be dealt with differently to allow the full momentum for Harmonic Prosperity.

Moving Forward

As you can see, there is great value in this understanding of energy and environment.  We suggest Feng Shui to many of our patients as a way of improving their quality of life and their sacred space apart from their body.  We highly suggest working with a professional consultant as they will provide you with the best knowledge and service.  There is an art to Feng Shui and it is important you work with someone that you are comfortable with.  

To contact Cyd call 513-315-6193 or email at Cydalper@msn.com

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