Why Is It Important For Mothers To Get Healthy Prior To Conception

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Sometimes the focus of health is prioritized when pregnant, but the first step is actually being healthy before getting pregnant.

If a woman has a history of autoimmune disease it is encouraged for them to get it under control as much as possible. The same inflammatory messages that are coursing through their veins are also being transported to the baby inside of them.

In this first picture, we see how inflammation can go through the placenta (not an impenetrable shield like it was believed to be) and activate the immune cells in the nervous system called ‘glial cells’ and when they are activated can change how the brain grows, develops, and cleans itself out to relay signals better. If the protective barrier around the brain is compromised, then any inflammatory signals, as well as signals for the immune system to start attacking tissue, can really change how the brain develops since a lot of those proteins (or targets for the immune system) are being made at a faster rate than normal to make sure the brain grows.

But what about after a baby is born? In this second picture we can see how the more the gut ‘leaks’, the more the immune is activated to alter how the brain develops. Some of the simplest ways to see if the GI tract might be having a problem is to look for symptoms like colic, gas, loose stools, or constipation. These are overt signs that something is happening down below.

Changes in the bacteria in the GI tract can be detrimental to say the least. As the not so welcome bacteria start to eat food, their byproducts can be very poisonous to the brain. If a person looks at number 6 the PPA stands for propionic acid, and in rat studies if they want to trigger autistic behaviors they inject that bacterial byproduct into the nervous, bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

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