The 7 Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Programs Fail

Did you know that only 1 percent of people who lose weight will sustain that weight loss for more than a decade? 

So why do most weight loss programs fail?  

7  Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Programs Fail: 

1. They don’t focus on HEALTH: Most programs don’t focus on health and instead focus on weight only. We have to get healthy to lose weight, we don’t lose weight to get healthy. Excess weight is a symptom of a greater health issue. 

In order to lose weight, we need to shift the focus from weight loss to health gain. Our priority needs to be on sleeping 8 hours of quality sleep per night, de-stressing every single day, and promoting healthy digestion. 

2. They only focus on weight and the scale: Most programs only focus on the number on the scale and calorie counting. While this number is important, in our Living Proof Reset Program, we really focus on the inches clients lose, how well their clothes are or are not fitting but we also measure other variables such as heart rate variability (HRV).

HRV is a measure of your resilience to stress. When HRV is high it means that you're in a state of high resilience which means that you are able to tolerate more stress and recover faster from it. Your HRV won't go up by accident in today's world, there has to be a meaningful intention to increase it. When you're in a relaxed (parasympathetic) state your body is in healing, repair, and regenerate mode: 

  • You sleep deeper 
  • You digest better 
  • You are calmer and more relaxed 
  • You have better mental clarity and memory 
  • You have better stress tolerance 
  • You feel more emotionally stable 

3. They don’t have enough support: When it comes to weight loss, having an accountability coach and a community of those who are trying to achieve the same goal as you is of utmost importance. Having a coach is crucial to help you stick to the changes you may need to make to your diet and lifestyle. A coach will encourage you along the way, give you constructive feedback and help you identify blindspots that you may not be aware of. 

Having a supportive community is important so you can share what’s working and what’s not and get support from like minded individuals who are on the same journey as you and have the same values as you. In our Living Proof Reset program, we have a coach who tracks your progress daily and you are a part of a beautiful and motivating community of like-minded individuals. 

4. They focus on food too much and diets that aren’t sustainable: Did you know the average person thinks about food 192 times per day? That’s a lot of time and energy that is put into meal preparation and eating! New research suggests that eating an anti-inflammatory diet and incorporating intermittent fasting and specifically timed meals can be extremely effective when it comes to decreasing pain, inflammation and losing weight.This frees up time and energy for your body to be able to repair, regenerate, and heal.  

While diet is an extremely important factor when it comes to weight loss, most programs tend to over-focus on diet and don’t focus enough on stress resilience, sleep, rest, digestion and mindset. In our Living Proof Reset Program, these are all extremely equal factors.

Many people who try to lose weight try high fat keto diets and find they are not sustainable because they end up eating too much animal protein and not enough plant based foods.They feel fatigued and tired because it takes a lot of energy to digest these types of foods. In our Living Proof Program, we focus on a low-fat keto type diet that is plant strong (70% plant based). 

5. They focus on over-exercising: Exercise is great for you, however it is still a stressor on the body. Your body has to respond the same way physiologically to exercise as it would to an emotional stressor. When your body is in this fight or flight state, it’s very hard for you to lose weight.  

Your body has to be in a calm and relaxed state (rest and digest state) in order to lose weight. In our Living Proof Reset Program, we really focus on having clients shift into this rest and digest state for a full 6 weeks. 

6. They don’t focus on decreasing toxins and inflammation: Most programs don’t focus on decreasing toxins. Decreasing toxins decrease the burden on the liver. Our liver is the only organ that is responsible for eliminating toxins and it also performs many other functions such as:

  • Aids in digestion by producing bile to help break down fat and absorb fat- soluble and water-soluble vitamins and minerals 
  • Plays a part in regulating glucose, blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, immunity, and blood cholesterol production and removal 

When our liver gets over burdened it can cause a lot of inflammation in the body that can lead to weight gain.

7. They don’t focus on mindset: Will power is not enough when it comes to weight loss. There is a huge psychological and emotional component as well. If we don’t focus on this component then we can’t achieve long-term weight loss and success and we may end up engaging in self-sabotaging habits.

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