Nearly every chronic disease is linked to this one thing

Not enough people are talking about this but nearly every chronic disease in the world today can be linked back to this same thing - chronic Inflammation 🔥

3 out of 5 people worldwide die because of chronic inflammatory diseases, and the World Health Organization ranks these diseases as the greatest threat to human health. 

Chronic inflammation is at play in:

The list goes on….

But here’s what you really need to know. 

Chronic inflammation can be subtle as it gradually builds up over time. Even in the absence of a chronic disease, inflammation can contribute to:

Or other vague and confusing health issues. 

This is going to be controversial but…chronic inflammation is not a “root cause” of disease. 

We can document evidence of chronic inflammation on blood tests, but that doesn’t mean we know the cause. Why is the inflammation there in the first place? What’s causing IT? 

It takes detective work to answer this question for any given person—and that is precisely my job. 

To give you an idea, here’s a partial list of some of the possible causes of chronic inflammation: 

1️.  Infections

Many infections can evade the immune system and persist in the body over time—including bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. 

2️. Toxins

Exposure to low levels of toxins or irritants over time can aggravate the immune system and cause inflammation.

3️. Diet

Diets high in refined sugar or trans fats are associated with a higher production of inflammatory molecules.

4️. Low Sex Hormones

Maintaining levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone can reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases.

5️. Poor Gut Health

Inflammation in the digestive tract can compromise the integrity of the gut lining, allow passage of toxins or other molecules into circulation, and trigger systemic inflammation.  

6️. Obesity

Visceral fat tissue (the type that builds up in the abdomen) acts like an endocrine organ, releasing inflammatory compounds.

Don’t settle for being told that chronic inflammation is the cause of your symptoms. There is always something beneath it.  Uncovering the root cause of chronic inflammation is a highly individualized process and best done with a qualified functional and lifestyle medicine practitioner. 

Did you know you can influence inflammation through your lifestyle?

With inflammation contributing to most chronic illness AND many vague and bizarre symptoms, following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is basic preventive medicine. 

Here are some ideas:

Also, inflammation is not entirely evil. We need our bodies to mount an inflammatory response to fight off infections or heal from injuries, but we don’t want to be stuck in a never-ending inflammatory cycle.

That’s when we start to consider lifestyle changes and supplements to support a healthy inflammatory response. 

Here are 3 of my favorites:

The supplements I recommend for any given person depend on their unique situation, lab tests, and goals. It’s always best to work with a practitioner!  If you’re interested in speaking with one of our practitioners, schedule your discovery call here.

How Lisa Released 11 Pounds in 7 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

Meet Lisa, a woman in her 50’s, who is a full time PhD student and consultant with a busy schedule. 

When Lisa first joined The Living Light Reset Program, she was struggling with weight gain due to her thyroid condition, bloating, inflammation, low energy and hormone imbalances from menopause.

Lisa had tried several diets before joining our program but found she would release and gain the same 10 lbs over and over. She was passionate about creating a healthy routine that was sustainable to have optimal energy and health and finally release the weight for good. 

We adjusted the program to accommodate Lisa’s vegan diet. Today, she is sharing her amazing journey with us on how she was able to release 11 lbs in 7 weeks through The Living Light Reset Program!

1. What brought you to the Living Proof Institute?

“It has been a long journey. My health concerns kept me searching and were the main reason I ended up here.  I was generally healthy and maintained a healthy weight, but a few years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition.  

As a result, I gained weight that I couldn’t release and the diagnosis caused a lot to happen that I felt I had no control over!” 

2. What did you try prior to coming to Living Proof?

“There's so much information out there and I was trying to figure out how to heal myself fully (not just the weight) on my own. I am vegan and because of this, I had a hard time trying to find a diet out there that worked for my lifestyle and situation.

For a while I tried a vegan Keto diet (green keto) - this caused me to gain more weight  which was scary and counterproductive! I came up with various diets on my own and tried them. I also went to my doctor, working with the health system.  

It was years of gaining and losing weight, which was really frustrating. All of these approaches were just about counting calories and high intensive exercise; I realized that I wanted and needed something more holistic.”

3. What did you find different about this approach? 

“I love that it is called releasing weight - this word has been so impactful for me! We often talk about losing weight, which implies that we want to find the weight again. 

As I was journaling, I wrote about not only releasing the weight, but also about releasing the other challenges that were holding me back - emotional struggles, the stressors in my environment and the limiting beliefs I had about how to cook my own food and how to care for myself. 

This program focused so much on valuing myself and the time and energy I was putting into preparing food, etc… It is such a holistic approach and no other program has this method!”

4. Can you share some of the results?

“Because of my thyroid condition, I gained over twenty stubborn pounds. My stress levels were high, I would eat on the run and not take the time to cook for myself or even slow down and breathe deeply. I was experiencing irregular sleep patterns, not knowing how important it was to honor my body or my time with healthier habits.

After being on the program for 8 weeks, I have released 11 pounds! 

I plan to keep going with these new routines to keep releasing more weight. I now make a conscious effort to increase my water intake and really learn more about the healthiest sleep patterns and the importance of rest.

Instead of rushing through my carefully made meals, I have made a new rule for myself - however long it takes me to prepare my food is how long I will spend eating and enjoying it. 

I’m getting my walks in every day while focusing on gratitude and maintaining healthier routines - this is all a result of investing in this program.”

5. What put you over the edge to join?

“When I first learned about the program and contacted The Living Proof Institute, I was able to have an interview with Dipa, one of the founding members of the program. 

This was such a positive, informative, and impressive experience. She talked to me in depth about my questions and concerns while really explaining to me what I can expect if I joined the program. 

Dipa’s compassion while making herself available and listening to me was really comforting and informative, it made me feel like I had hope and that I really needed to pursue this for my own health!”

6. How have things changed for you in your life?

“Releasing weight was the cherry on top! I have noticed a huge shift in my lifestyle. I am now taking more time for myself and establishing routines that had previously gone by the wayside. I am so much more balanced now; overall I have a new sense of appreciation and value for my health and life. 

Somewhere along the way I started to really enjoy creating beautiful food and mindfully eating it. This awareness and relationship with food has been really transformative!”

7. What was the best part of working together? 

“Working with Alice was the best part! She was so attentive while helping to make the program a very personal experience. 

I really benefited from the Friday meetings, I enjoyed learning more about whatever the theme was, but it was also a great time to ask any questions I had.  

Both the manual and journaling helped me with accountability, making me notice where I was and if I was staying on track. All of these tools were transformational in helping me establish healthy routines!”

8. Where would your health be if you didn’t take action?

“When I decided to start the program, I was at a really low point. I was crying every day and wondering what I was doing wrong. 

My weight was debilitating even if it wasn’t a massive amount and I was just at a loss. This gave me hope that there is a way to go forward and I know that if I had not joined I would still be struggling and trying to figure out how to heal!”

9. What would you say to someone who is thinking about the next step in joining the program?  

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in transforming their life to join this program. This isn’t just about releasing weight. 

My friends and family notice my overall well being and now I encourage them to invest in themselves by reaching out and learning more about the program. The results have been profound for me and I would highly recommend this to anyone!” 

>>>Watch the full interview with Lisa HERE<<<

Lisa was willing to make simple but extremely powerful and effective changes to her life to improve her health – if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years…

I invite you to take action TODAY and fill out an Appointment Application to find out if The Living Proof method is right for you!

Is This Common Misconception Limiting Your Weight Loss Potential?

Over the course of the past few years, Sachin and I have helped hundreds of people lose massive amounts of weight and we’ve noticed a common misconception about weight loss.

Maybe it’s something you have even thought yourself? 

Here it is…

Intense exercise WON’T help you lose weight, and in fact it can have the opposite effect. 

Let me explain.

For most people, the idea of weight loss is extremely daunting.

When we decide we’re ready to start releasing the weight that has been holding us back for years, most of us immediately jump right into an intense exercise regiment. 

That has to help with weight loss, right? 

We might stay very consistent with our plan, making sure to put 100% of our effort into those workouts. We may even see a few pounds come off here and there, but nothing really substantial. 

Due to the lack of results, many people skip out on sleep, buy expensive workout programs or hire trainers to help them really push them beyond their limits in hopes of seeing some dramatic results.

Instead…not much changes. 

How can this possibly make any sense?

The truth is that too much or too vigorous exercise can actually stifle weight loss. 

This is why we make it a priority, through our Living Light Reset Program, to show our clients exactly how they can experience better, faster, and longer-lasting weight loss without intense exercise!


Intense Exercise Creates Stress

Though moving our body is important for our overall health, there is a distinct difference between movement for weight loss and intense exercise. 

Rigorous exercise actually causes a stress response within our body that creates resistance to fat loss. 

When we’re doing high intensity workouts, a few things within our body start happening…. 

Our heart rate quickens, our respiratory rate increases, and our body starts to release the stress hormone cortisol.

These are the same physiological responses that our body has when we’re in a heated argument with someone, or when we’re experiencing fear. You may know this state more commonly called “fight or flight”.

What is Fight or Flight?

“Fight or flight”, also called the sympathetic nervous system, is a natural physiological response that our body has when encountering an event that is perceived to be stressful, frightening, or dangerous. 

This response is actually evolutionary and occurs to increase our chances of survival when facing a threatening situation. The name, “fight or flight”, comes from the fact that this state prepares our bodies to either fight the threat or flee to safety. 

Here are some of the common physical effects of “fight or flight”:

This sympathetic nervous system response actually temporarily suppresses certain functions of the body that are non-essential during a crisis. Specifically the digestive, immune, and reproductive systems are suppressed. 

When we work out vigorously, our body has this same “fight or flight” response ultimately sending signals to our body that now is not a good time to burn fat as we might need those resources in order to survive. 

Optimal fat loss occurs when our body is at rest in the parasympathetic state which is the opposite of “fight or flight”.

Photo credit: Endorphitness

The Benefit of Replacing Exercise with Rest

I know what you’re thinking…

How is rest supposed to take the place of a rigorous workout in my attempt to lose weight?

I’m not surprised if this concept seems a little backwards, as most people are under the false assumption that intense exercise is a major factor of weight loss and without it, there is no chance of seeing any results. 

I’m here to tell you, it’s simply not true.

In fact, something I often tell my clients is that it is actually more beneficial to replace 1 hour of exercise with 1 hour of sleep!

Yes, sleep!

So why and how is getting more quality sleep going to help us to lose weight? 

When we’re in a state of stress, our body will use glucose as the primary source of energy because it takes too long for fat to be converted into fuel for our body unless we’re at rest.

Fat burning actually takes place when our body is resting or recovering. So when we’re sleeping, sitting, and resting our body that is when the most fat burning is actually happening. 

Working out actually causes micro-trauma at a muscular, tissue, and joint level that our body then needs to repair and regenerate. This healing process does not take place while we’re exercising. 

This is why we prioritize teaching our awesome clients to incorporate rest, rejuvenation, regeneration, and repair into their routine in order to stop utilizing glucose as energy and instead start using fat!

But don’t just take my word for it, let me share with you a mind blowing transformation one of our clients recently experienced from following these principles..

Michael’s Amazing Success Story

Meet our inspiring client, Michael! His story is sure to demonstrate the healing power of rest during weight loss.

When we first met Michael, he had tried everything he could to lose his stubborn weight. He tried diets like keto to eliminate carbs and he worked out using online programs to move his body as much as possible. 

In fact, he was actually an exercise coach for a weight loss program for many years. So in his eyes, he was doing as much as he possibly could to drop those pounds from his body.

Unfortunately, his hard work and intense exercise routine was practically fruitless. 

He would see some weight loss here and there but nothing substantial, and definitely nothing permanent. 

In addition to those unsatisfying results, he was also experiencing extreme fatigue and a lot of intense pain. So much so that he was using 4-16 Advil each day and sometimes also using acetaminophen along with it!

After Michael began the Metabolic Reset Program and working with our dedicated team, he has seen some impressive results

As of today, Michael has lost 54lbs! What an amazing release!

More importantly, Michael has been feeling more energized and can get through his day without relying on sugary foods and caffeine. 

The most amazing result of all? 

Michael has learned to say no to activity that pushes his limits and has started utilizing rest and repair to help his body heal. 

Now his pain levels have reduced significantly and he no longer needs Advil to feel relief!

You are going to want to watch Michael’s Full Story HERE:

Next Steps You Can Take to Start Losing That Stubborn Weight Without Intense Exercise

Does Michael’s story resonate with you?

Have you found that despite your daily exercise, you just haven’t seen the results that you’re after?

Sometimes, we have to look past what we have been told in order to reach our greatest potential. 

Michael was willing to let go of his crash dieting and over-exercising by implementing simple and effective methods in order to heal his body and release stubborn weight. 

If you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years…

I invite you to take action TODAY and fill out an Appointment Application to find out if The Living Proof method is right for you!

How Krista Released 30lbs and 19 inches in 10 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

Meet Krista, a woman in her 40’s, who is a devoted mom and wife with a full-time schedule! 

When Krista first joined The Living Light Reset Program, she was struggling with hormone imbalances, weight gain, chronic headaches, low energy, and chronic inflammation

Can you relate? 

Throughout the years, Krista has tried countless weight release programs without any luck. Today, Krista is sharing her amazing journey with us on how she was able to release 30 lbs and 19 inches in 10 weeks through The Living Light Reset Program!

What brought you to The Living Proof Institute?

“I had a lot of inflammation and knew I needed to lose some weight. I was listening to a free webinar that was offered and knew it was something I needed to try.” 

What have you tried prior to The Living Light Reset Program?

“I’ve tried countless things since my early twenties! For awhile, I did point counting and calorie counting. I’ve also had restrictive diets. Eating less, moving more…. The list goes on! But obviously, nothing worked long-term or had lasting results.” 

What did you find different about this approach?

“I loved that I wasn’t counting points or calories or anything. 

That just gets too complicated and hard to keep track of, especially if I was eating out or just busy and away from home. All of that just got to be too much of a hassle so the ease of this program was just really great!

It’s been helpful to have the freedom to enjoy a simple meal that included meat, fruit, and veggies - or if I felt like it, I could experiment with some new and more complicated recipes if time allowed and I wanted something different.” 

What put you over the edge to finally join?

I had a surgery in February and was off of work for two weeks to heal. I returned to work but could only keep at it for 3 weeks - and then needed another 6 weeks off! I just wasn’t healing well. I had a lot of inflammation, my hand would swell and I had hormone issues. I knew I needed to get these things taken care of!”  

What are some of the results that you have experienced? 

“I have released 30 pounds and 19 inches! And I have maintained my weight. It is nice to feel comfortable in my own skin and fit into a smaller clothing size. I am mentally and physically more fit.” 

How have you noticed your energy shift? 

“The Oura ring has really helped me to get better sleep and to sleep more. I am waking up easily at a consistent time and not shutting off the alarm repeatedly. I actually want to go outside and exercise - I just feel more energetic and peppier, who doesn’t want that?!” 

How have things changed in your life since completing the program?

“I definitely have more energy because I have learned how to rest well and how important that is. As a mom, I am so busy doing so many other things for other people; I’ve had to give myself permission to rest, and now that is easier. 

I don’t feel like I have to do everything all the time. Rest has been key to healing my body and getting the inflammation under control. This has been eye-opening for me!”

What was the best part of working together?

“I loved the support! It was easy to reach out and ask questions, the Facebook page and notes of encouragement/checking in were really helpful to keep me motivated and accountable.” 

Where would your health be now if you had not joined The Living Light Reset Program?

“With Covid and being stuck in the house, I know there would have been more weight gain in my future (in addition to my other health concerns) if I had not done something when I did. 

My hips were already starting to hurt from being seated at my computer all day and not exercising - and wearing sweatpants all day makes it even easier to slip into these bad habits!”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about the next step?

“I would encourage them to join the program! It has been a very eye-opening and rewarding experience. Not only did I just learn a lot through doing the modules, but I really enjoyed doing them. 

We think we are doing things like sleeping and breathing correctly. But, there really is a right way to do them that I didn’t know about! We have a tendency to stay up too late and try to get too much done. This program really helped to change that mindset.”

What is your life like now after working with us?

“I am definitely more conscious of where and when I am eating and fasting. I was always a breakfast person and was always told that it was the most important meal of the day. I have realized that I can still thrive without the quantities of food I was previously eating in a day. I have continued with Intermittent fasting and don’t really miss eating breakfast.”

Do you have any final remarks to share with our audience? 

“I enjoyed the program, everything about it - the coaching along the way, the support, and simplicity. I am more aware of my own body and how I am feeling, I was not that way before. If I eat certain things I know how they affect me. 

The Oura ring helps remind me of sleep but I feel a lack of rest and what my body needs even without that now. It is nice to have permission to take a nap if I need to and just rest. I feel great! I’ve experienced eye-opening results and I think people should try this program!” 

>>>Watch the full interview with Krista HERE<<<

Krista was willing to make simple but extremely powerful and effective changes to her life to improve her health – if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years…

I invite you to take action TODAY and fill out an Appointment Application to find out if The Living Proof method is right for you!

Not All Calories are Created Equally: How Choosing the Right Food Helped One Woman Lose 16lbs in 4 Weeks

You open up your food log to track your final meal of the day while trying to suppress your desire for another snack… 

You’ve eaten every single one of the 1500 calories your app has recommended you eat each day, and you’re STILL HUNGRY!

What’s more? You’ve been sticking to this daily allotment of calories and yet the scale doesn’t move. 

You’ve put all of your effort into counting calories for weight loss, and instead, you’re left feeling frustrated and defeated without any results

Many of the clients that come to us are used to hearing the same thing:

“In order to lose weight, you must limit your calorie intake”

The focus is on counting calories, when the truth is that not all calories are created equal.

One of the core values that we teach our clients is the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT approach to health. 

Once our clients understand that health is MORE than just numbers and food, that's when the magic happens... massive weight loss, more energy than they had in their 20's, an easier time falling and staying asleep at night, and the confidence to live life on their terms!

Instead of counting calories, we encourage our clients to redirect their focus to nutrient density instead. 

Nutrient density is the ratio of beneficial nutrients to calories per serving of each item of food. 

We guide our clients to reach for fresh foods that make them feel full and satisfied, instead of the foods that fit within a specified calorie limit.

For example, avocado has a much higher nutrient density than a diet soda. 

Though the diet soda has zero calories and a serving of avocado has around 234 calories, the avocado is ultimately the better choice because it contains healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, the avocado not only keeps you full longer, but it provides you with a variety of nutrients!! 

Let’s take a look at my wonderful client, Nicole, for a great example of how choosing the right food supports weight loss:

Before she came to see me, she was struggling with the following:

Nicole had already tried numerous other weight loss programs with very little success. However, her daughter told her about our Living Light Reset Program and she decided to give it a chance.  

Since Nicole started our program at the beginning of January.  In six weeks she released a total of 27.4 lbs.  This was the first time she had seen the scale under 190lbs in 10 years! As of July 26th, Nicole is now at 148.2 lbs. 

Instead of eating out of boredom and craving the wrong foods, she is eating a healthy wholesome diet and doesn't have cravings anymore.

Her sleep has also greatly improved. Instead of waking throughout the night, she gets a full night’s sleep and wakes feeling refreshed and energized!

Nicole’s story is only one example of the amazing results that our clients see. Our clients are always so proud of themselves when they see non-scale victories like:

So how did Nicole and so many others experience such incredible results? 

As we encourage and empower our clients to focus on the nutrient content of their food instead of the calorie content, we are helping them to create a new sustainable habit to improve their sleep, digestion, stress, weight loss, and other lifestyle factors!

Just like Nicole’s story, when you choose foods that are low in nutrients like french fries, soda, or anything processed, your body begins to crave those foods…. 

Over time, eating this way consistently will cause you to lose energy, gain weight, and impair your digestion among many other things. 

When you learn about the nutritional value of the food that you put in your body, you learn how to choose better options, like whole foods that taste delicious and help you regain your energy, lose weight, and feel and look the best you have ever felt!

If you’re feeling stuck in your weight loss journey and feel like you’ve “tried everything” and “nothing works”, you’re not alone!

You CAN look and feel better than you have in years - I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20- minute Wellness Discovery Call!

On the call we’ll dive into:

Then we’ll see if The Living Light Program is a great fit for you!

How Lisa Lost 27lbs in 8 Weeks

Meet Lisa, a woman that has tried different weight loss programs and diets her whole life, but none of them have given her the results she was looking for!  

Each time Lisa would try out a new program or diet she thought it was working because she was losing weight, but after she was done with them, the weight slowly started creeping back up on her

The problem was that the weight loss programs and diets weren’t sustainable - so she ended up gaining the weight back every single time! 

Lisa discovered The Living Light Reset Program and decided to give it a try…  

One of the main differences that Lisa noticed with our proven program was that we focus on weight loss from a holistic approach and focus on gaining overall health while losing those stubborn pounds! 

Now, Lisa is a part of the Living Proof Community, has done the Living Light Reset Program, and has gone through an amazing transformation!

I asked Lisa to share her experience about The Living Light Reset Program and this is what she had to say:

1. What brought you to Living Proof? 

Lisa says that she was searching for a natural solution to lose excess weight. 

She had tried a number of weight loss strategies, and when she came across the Living Proof and read it over she was intrigued and felt it offered so much more than any other program she had done/checked out - so because it piqued her curiosity she joined!

2. Before you came to Living Proof what were some of the programs/diets that you tried in the past? 

She had actually done programs that had prepackaged meals to help lose weight and went to a diet doctor where they prescribed things and gave her shots. 

Lisa felt like all of this was too extreme so she started trying different diets on her own. She realized that everything she was trying may have proved to be a fix for some time, but she eventually was brought back to square one. 

This is something that we commonly hear. The diets and programs may work in the short term, but eventually, the weight starts slowly creeping up on them

3. How were you feeling before joining the program? 

Lisa says she was feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and overall felt like she was spiraling out of control

She hated the way she felt and knew that if she didn't find a permanent solution, her situation was only going to get worse

So she decided to take the next steps and move in the holistic direction because it was something she had done a lot of research on. Lisa said that the holistic approach to things was what attracted her to the program because we focus on the body, mind, and spirit!

4. What made you finally decide to join the program? 

As Lisa mentioned, she had done a lot of research, and she also checked different price points. One of the key things that she liked was the Oura ring that we give to all of our clients because it gave her so much more awareness around her sleep, stress, and recovery. She had a gut feeling that my program was going to give her the best value, and after our consultation, she wanted to start right away! 

5. Can you share some of your amazing results? 

By week 6 Lisa had lost 15 inches, and by the 8th week she had released a total of 27 lbs...that’s amazing! 

This transformation has made her feel better because she’s now fitting into her jeans and has so much more energy so she is able to set her goals higher. Before, she didn’t want to go out and be seen, now she is ready! 

Her confidence has boosted because she is now comfortable in her body! 

6. What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program? 

Lisa says “Don’t wait, go for it!” It’s hard to explain how MUCH people have benefited from this program, and while listening to testimonials shows you the outside view, they don’t show you how much you get from within the program

Lisa said that The Living Light Reset Program has so much individualized attention and science-backed evidence to help you understand your body better and how it functions - this is the best value for your money and health, so why not start now?

7. What was the best part of working together? 

Lisa’s never had a coach, so she enjoyed the individualized attention and checking in. 

The Q&A sessions gave her the chance to talk to other individuals about their progress in this program and watch them evolve. One of the main predictors of longevity is community, and having a group of like-minded people that are on the same journey and showing support for one another is so important and instrumental to your healing as well!

8. Where would you have been if you hadn’t joined this program? 

Lisa says that she would be in a worse situation than she was in - she thinks she would have gained more weight, been more depressed, and spiraled out of control. Overall, it would not be a healthy place to be in - physically or mentally!

The first step in improving your health is addressing the problem. If we just give our clients pills or supplements then they only benefit, but when we focus on lifestyle skills then everyone around them benefits and they’ll have resources they can use to optimize their health throughout their whole life. 

Watch my full interview with Lisa HERE

Lisa was willing to make the necessary changes to her life to improve her health - if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years, I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20- minute Wellness Discovery Call!

On the call we’ll dive into:

Then, we'll determine if working together is a great fit!

With gratitude, 


How Sandra Lost 20lbs in 6 Weeks

Meet Sandra, a woman who struggled with her weight for years before she decided to join The Living Light Reset Program

Sandra came to me when she was at her lowest point - she kept gaining weight, had no energy, and couldn’t figure out why! 

Once she started The Living Light Reset Program, everything changed…

Sandra shares her experience here: 

1. What brought you to the Living Proof Institute? 

Sandra has a background in nutrition and has helped other people, so she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t able to help out herself. 

She was also going through hormonal changes and adrenal fatigue, and out of nowhere, she gained 25 lbs! She realized that she was constantly stressed, but even after the stress was managed, the weight wouldn’t budge no matter what she tried. 

When Sandra found my program, she was instantly intrigued and knew she had to try it because she was at a point where she was extremely frustrated all of the time. 

It’s important to realize that even though we’re able to help others with their journeys, we may need to outsource our own health!

2. What programs or diets did you try before the Living Light Reset Program? 

Sandra tried different programs that had very specific meal plans and meal times to maintain her blood sugar throughout the day - this was not realistic for her

She followed it as best as she could, but it didn’t work for her! Additionally, Sandra is vegetarian and tried the Keto diet and said she felt awful on it and gained 4 lbs because of it. 

She ate a pretty healthy diet to begin with, so not seeing any results after trying these programs and diets really frustrated her. 

This happens to a lot of clients - they have a clean diet already, but still the weight won’t budge!  This is because weight loss isn’t all about food. 

3. What were some differences that you found between the Living light Reset Program and another program you tried? 

Sandra says that she loved that my program offered intermittent fasting! She continues to do it because it makes her feel good, and it makes meal planning less stressful. 

She says that my program differs from others because the guidelines were SIMPLE, there is a lot of VARIABILITY with her diet, and there was so much SUPPORT from the community - she felt motivated! 

“It wasn’t just about the food, you had other lifestyle considerations as well, and this program was the full package.”

4. What were your results with the program? 

Sandra reached her goal, which was to lose 20 lbs! She also lost 5 inches across her chest and waist

This transformation was amazing to her because she was able to lose the weight she’d been carrying for almost 2 years that wouldn’t budge! 

The only thing she was worried about was gaining the weight back after the program, but she is still at her goal weight even after completing the program! 

5. What was the best part of the program and working together? 

Having the consultations were helpful, and the structure of everything was easy to follow. She loved having support and accountability because it's hard to do everything on your own. Having other people to talk to motivated and kept Sandra on track! 

When it comes to losing weight, it’s not all about how much we eat, what we eat, or exercising. A huge component of weight loss is stress and sleep. So when we have insights on how we're doing in those areas, it truly benefits us. It also shows you how far you’ve come and the improvements you’ve made!

6. What made you join and get started? 

What tipped her over was the level of frustration that she was at. After watching one of my webinars, she wanted to try my program because of the way I talked about it and the different things I focused on - like hormones, stress, and food! 

It really felt like a holistic program for her, and that’s what she was looking for because it's maintainable!

7. What would you say to someone who wants to try my program but is uncertain? 

Sandra says to do it! She knows you may be feeling uneasy, but this program works! 

It’s not a short term solution and you won't gain the weight back because your body reaches a new point and stabilizes you. Sandra says that she’s only seen positive results from other people in the community, and she hasn’t seen that with any other program she’s tried!

8. If you didn't do this program where would you be now with your health?

She said she’d be even more frustrated and stressed because she would be heavier. She feels like she would have to watch everything that she wanted to eat because of how fast she was gaining weight. 

9. What does your life look like now?

It's way more simple! She feels good, energized, and her meals are simpler because she is no longer overthinking them! 

She feels accomplished because she is still eating healthy foods without having the stress of thinking about it

Sandra thought that she was going to be stuck where she was, but with the help of my program and the amazing community that we have, she was able to become the healthiest version of herself! 

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t give up!

My program is designed to help you optimize your health by teaching you how to incorporate simple, healing lifestyle strategies instead of just focusing solely on diet and exercise!  

Watch my full interview with Sandra HERE

If you’re feeling stuck with your chronic health issues and stubborn weight that just won’t budge… 

If you feel like you’ve “tried everything” and “nothing works”, you’re not alone!

You CAN look and feel better than you have in years - I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20- minute Wellness Discovery Call!

On the call we’ll dive into:

Then, we'll determine if working together is a great fit!

With gratitude, 


Adrenal Fatigue and Hashimoto's Disease Case Study

Meet Evelyne, a wonderful woman in her 70’s that has gone through the Living Light Reset Program and whose life has changed drastically for the better because of it!

By following the simple lifestyle strategies we teach Evelyne was able to lose 24 lbs in only 10 weeks - more than that though, her clothes are fitting better and she’s doing so many more things with her newfound energy!

Something that I’d like for you to take away from this is that there is ALWAYS hope for your health to improve and for you to lose excess weight - you just need to find the right support system and program for you and be willing to put in the work

Evelyne is such a wonderful example of this and a huge inspiration in our Living Light Community…

Because of her AMAZING transformation, I decided to have a Q&A with her so you can learn what she did to experience these lasting results: 

1. What brought you to The Living Proof Institute? 

When Evelyne and I met, she had severe Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and Hashimoto Disease.

She explored conventional remedies to help her lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy but nothing seemed to work - she said that the conventional remedies actually made everything WORSE! 

She stumbled across my Facebook page and when she saw the 5 lb challenge, she immediately started it because it sounded promising - sure enough, she lost 3 lbs in just 5 days! 

She joined my Living Light Reset Program because it addresses nutrition while getting to the root cause of hormonal imbalances, which is what she knew she needed. 

In the Living Light Reset Program, we look at weight in a more holistic approach by focusing on nutrient density rather than calorie intake. Most other programs focus on strictly exercise and diet, but we focus on all of the other elements that go into successful weight loss

Losing weight isn’t just about eating good foods, it’s also about dialing in on your sleep, digestion, and stress levels!

2. What did you try prior to this program in regards to weight loss? 

About 20 years ago, Evelyne said she tried something that was similar to The Living Light Reset Program. The problem that she had with that program was that the nutritional side was imbalanced because it was based on eating patterns that were unsustainable long-term

The Living Light Reset Program focuses on stabilizing blood sugar and on eating a wide variety of nutrient-dense delicious foods that fill you up so that losing weight happens naturally and stays off for good! 

3. How did you find our approach different from what you’ve tried in the past? 

What Evelyne liked about my program is that she never felt hungry and everything was balanced. She had a set fasting time that worked really well for her and she was able to stick to it!

4. What are some of the results you've experienced going through our program? 

Evelyne expressed that she felt lighter in weight but also lighter in an emotional way

Before, she was depressed because of her weight, so this program really helped to lighten the burden and make her FEEL good!

5. When it comes to implementing this program and going through it, how has your life changed since you’ve started? 

Evelyne loved that our program is structured but not rigid. She felt like she had many options in general, and it was easy for her to plan the meals and even shop for the foods - nothing was too complicated and everything was useful! 

She also liked the support that she found through the program and in our wonderful Facebook community. People that have been through the same things that she has gone through gave her advice, and held her accountable - which she enjoyed because that ensured her SUCCESS!

6. What was the tipping point for you to start this program? 

Evelyne explained that she was severely depressed about her weight and lack of energy, so she knew she needed to do something! 

When she came across The Living Light Reset Program she knew that it was the right fit from the start - having certainty is an important trait to have when you’re making a life changing decision!

7. What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking the next steps to better their health but they’re unsure about this program

This program is easy for almost everyone to follow… The foods are tasty, you feel satiated instead of hungry, and the results you get are amazing- so why not give it a try?

Evelyne says “If it works for me, it’ll work for you - trust me!”  

It’s important to believe that you can do it, because if you don't think you can... you won't be able to! 

It’s all about your mindset and trusting the process is key to success!

8. Where would your health be right now if you hadn’t taken action?

Evelyne says she would probably have gained more weight, become more depressed, and just overall be worse off. 

She likes how far she’s come with her health, so she says to “Just do it!”

I am so happy that Evelyne decided to take action and has experienced such amazing results so that she is able to live life on her terms!  

Watch my full interview with Evelyne HERE

If you’re feeling stuck with your chronic health issues and stubborn weight that just won’t budge… 

If you feel like you’ve “tried everything” and “nothing works”, you’re not alone!

You CAN look and feel better than you have in years - I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20- minute Wellness Discovery Call!

On the call we’ll dive into:

Then, we'll determine if the Living Light Reset Program is a good fit for you!

With gratitude, 


7 Simple Steps to Turn Your Home Into a Healing Sanctuary + a Bonus Healthy Home Checklist

It’s no secret that we are spending more time than ever inside our homes... 

With uncertainty from the pandemic and more of us working virtually, now is a great time to make some simple changes that can create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones!

What are some of the benefits of creating a healthy home? 

Having a calm, ordered space that promotes healing improves our sleep, energy, and focus. In fact, it improves our entire well-being. Not only do we feel more levelheaded and have more clarity when our environment promotes healing, but we also feel more at peace and more grounded.

At The Living Proof Institute, we believe that healing begins in your home. 

Think about it: You might spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour in your doctor’s office to “get healthy,” but it’s what you do when you leave the doctor that matters most . . .  

And most of what you do happens in your home. That’s why your home should be set up to be a healing sanctuary! 

But if the thought of beginning your home transformation leaves you feeling more STRESSED than INSPIRED, begin with these simple steps.


7 Simple Steps to Turn Your Home into a Healing Sanctuary:

1. Start with One Room at a Time: The goal of this process is NOT to overwhelm yourself. Instead, meet yourself where you’re at. The best way to do that is to simply start with one room and move forward.

Actionable Success Strategies:

2. Declutter that Room: Begin with ONE spot and then move onto the next. In the kitchen, that might be the pantry or the fridge, gradually making your way across the entire room. 

Actionable Success Strategies:

3. Optimize the Energy Flow: Practice the principles of Feng Shui, which is all about increasing the energy flow in your home. One of the simplest ways to do this is to space the furniture out 2-3 inches from the wall. 

Actionable Success Strategies:

4. Start to Eliminate Toxic Products in That Room: As you go through this process, you might be surprised at how many toxic products you have in each room. The kitchen is a great place to start. Get rid of processed food that no longer serves you in your pantry and fridge. 

The same goes for toxic cleaning products. If you need to, get rid of those things slowly. Once an item is used up, replace it with a natural product until that entire room is toxin-free. 

Actionable Success Strategies:

5. Replace Toxic Products with Natural Products: Are you currently using conventional cleaning and personal care products? If so, replace them with natural products or even make your own! 

Actionable Success Strategies:

6. Add Positive Elements to Your Room:  Now that you’ve decluttered and eliminated toxic products that are no longer serving you, focus on enhancing your room’s energy by adding positive elements. These include live plants, artwork, crystals, essential oils, and different colors based on the Bagua Map.

Actionable Success Strategies:

7. Add Some Healing Tools: For your final step, consider adding things to your home that really promote healing. You can do this room-by-room, or add these items later on when you’ve accomplished the other six steps for most of your house. 

And don’t forget, every home should have a healing space—a place where you can escape. Create a calm space in your home for reading or meditation. Fill it with your favorite art, crystals, meditation cushions, essential oils, and plants. This can be a WHOLE room or simply PART of a room (mine is in my office). 

Actionable Success Strategies:

Now that you know the 7 steps to turn your home into a healing sanctuary, you can make a plan that works with YOUR schedule and goals. 

Remember to start small and build upon these principles room-by-room. 

Improving your home is just one of the actionable ways you can improve your overall health and wellness . . .  

For additional tips, watch my full video on this topic here and get your BONUS Healthy Home Checklist here

If you loved this guide, I invite you to consider similarly transforming your WHOLE LIFE. 

What would it feel like to transform not just your home, but your whole MIND, BODY, and SOUL?

What benefits would you enjoy, not just for yourself, but for your entire family, if you were able to give back to them from a place of greater self-love, more energy, and a leaner, revitalized body?

As you envision that, I want to share with you a wonderful message I recently received from one of my clients.

These types of messages completely touch my heart.

At the Living Proof Institute, we address weight loss with a mind, body, spirit approach and that's why we get messages like this daily from our clients.

 This type of approach leads to:

Only 1 week into The Living Light Reset Program, this client experienced a physical and spiritual refreshment. “More than just food,” our comprehensive group program goes beyond just weight loss and our patients report experiencing so many amazing results!

Much like the home transformation is designed to meet you where you’re at, this simple-to-follow, 10-week program is designed for busy people who “have tried it all” and are ready to permanently lose excess weight, gain youthful energy, and have more clarity and confidence than ever before. 

Does this type of approach resonate with you? Are you ready to transform not just your home, but your entire life?

If so, I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20-minute Wellness Discovery Call!

On the call we’ll dive into:

Then, we'll create a specialized plan that fits your exact needs!