The Missing Piece to Effective Weight Loss

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but still can’t seem to lose weight?

Don’t be disheartened! We see this frequently in our practice and oftentimes the sneaky culprit to blame is toxin exposure.

Toxins make it hard for us to lose weight because they disrupt hormones such as thyroid hormone and estrogen which help us regulate our metabolism and weight. 

Let’s take a moment to thank our loyal livers for all the hard work they do to help our bodies eliminate harmful toxins. After you have expressed gratitude for your liver, stop and consider if you frequently engage in any of these lifestyle choices that cause harm to this vital organ.

5 Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Liver: 

  1. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  2. Using tobacco
  3. Eating fried foods
  4. Using toxic beauty and cleaning products 
  5. Being on a multitude of prescription medications 

Don’t beat yourself up if you nodded your head “yes” to these. Once you know better, you can do better. We need to start taking good care of our livers to start effectively losing weight and efficiently regulate our metabolic processes. Here are some of the liver’s main functions:

When your liver gets over burdened it causes a lot of inflammation in the body that is associated with weight gain. Decreasing toxins also decreases the burden on the liver. 

9 Tips to Start Avoiding and Minimizing Toxin Exposure:

Once you start addressing these factors, it will become much easier for you to lose weight. Book a Discovery Call with me Today to find out more about your Metabolic and Lifestyle Reset Program to help you solve unresolved weight and inflammatory issues once and for all!