Do You Gain Most of Your Weight From the Waist Down?

Do you gain most of your weight from the waist down?

This could be an indication of a common, yet severely underdiagnosed hormonal imbalance: estrogen dominance. This happens when there is excess estrogen in the body in relation to progesterone. 

In women, estrogen is a vital hormone for puberty, menstruation, and childbearing. Estrogen is also present in small amounts in men and is crucial for libido and the production of sperm. For a variety of different reasons (that we will discuss below), your body can make too much estrogen and wreak havoc on your body.  

Common Signs of Estrogen Dominance in Women: 

Common Signs of Estrogen Dominance in Men: 

If you find yourself nodding your head to these symptoms, you might be estrogen dominant. There are many contributing reasons why you may have unbalanced hormones. I share some of the most common ones below. 

Possible Causes of Estrogen Dominance: 

So what can you do? Maybe you have already suspected a hormonal balance in yourself and discussed it with your doctor. Perhaps they brushed off your symptoms and told you that your hormones look just fine on paper. We see this all the time in our practice, and the good news is you aren’t doomed to feel crummy forever- there are many natural and effective things you can start doing today to balance your hormones at home!

8 Simple and Effective Ways to Balance Your Estrogen: 

Think you might be estrogen dominant? Schedule a Metabolic Discovery Call with me so I can learn about what symptoms you’re having and together we can co-create a plan for success!