How To Increase Your Resilience From Chronic Diseases

People who are in chronic pain have a lowered pain threshold that is often caused by stress, (stealth) inflammation, and a sympathetic dominant nervous system.

All three of these factors play such a huge role in all chronic diseases but are ignored by conventional approaches.

Increased resilience comes from getting your nervous system in the state consistent with your health goals... parasympathetic dominant.


You can accomplish this by:

- fasting and calorie restriction
- clean diet (plant based)
- sleeping on time
- getting outside daily
- eliminating stressors
- Chiropractic care and lifestyle
- working through past trauma
- meditation
- Reishi mushroom extracts
- herbs and spices
- plant medicines
- laughter
- following a hobby
- finding your tribe
- good financial sense
- volunteer

Sounds like a pretty good life to me.

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