Do This One Thing to Improve Digestion

It’s time to sit down and eat breakfast…. 

But you’re stressed about the day ahead, checking your phone while mindlessly swallowing your food without really even chewing it.  

Do you think your body is prepared to digest the meal that you just consumed?

In other words: 

Are you pairing your nervous system to the task you want to perform? 

This is called Autonomic Pairing - when our nervous system function and blood flow work together to accomplish the task at hand.


One of the most important systems in our body is the autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system is currently regulating virtually every function in your body:

Basically, where function is going in the body is being determined automatically - it is happening passively for you right now and throughout your entire life.

When we’re in a state of fight or flight (which is what happens when we’re under acute stress) we don’t send blood to the digestive system - we send it to the arms and legs in preparation to run away!  

This is why many people who eat under stress will develop chronic digestive distress because they’re not sending blood flow where they want to send function. 

Only 5% of blood flow is sent to the liver and kidneys when you are stressed out, compared to 50% when you are in a state of rest! 

Whether the stress is perceived or actual, it needs to be addressed!

What we need to do is get on the opposite side of the fence - into a parasympathetic state.

The parasympathetic nervous system is what lowers our blood pressure and heart rate and sends blood flow to our digestive system. 

If we’re going to digest a meal, we need to be in a parasympathetic state. 

In the scenario above, you would be eating in a stressed-out, sympathetic state - fight or flight mode.

Your chemistry, physiology, heart rate, and blood flow would be much more aligned with that of a marathon runner, not someone who wants to get their digestive system working well!  

If we’re going to digest our meal, we want our internal systems to be sending blood and function to optimize the digestion of that meal.

If there is a mismatch between what we want our body to do and what we’re telling our body to do - there’s a problem! 

You cannot thrive under stress - it is physiologically impossible!


A simple way to get into a parasympathetic state is to practice deep breathing… doesn’t get any easier than that! 

Another thing that helps stimulate the parasympathetic system is chanting and humming - this creates a mechanical vibration of your vagus nerve (the nerve that helps to control your parasympathetic nervous system). 

Sometimes you don’t even have to change WHAT you’re eating if you change HOW you’re eating.

Even a healthy meal will remain improperly digested if we don’t send blood to the digestive system when we’re trying to have that meal. 

Frustrated clients often come to us saying that they’ve tried everything to help with their poor sleep, poor digestion, high blood pressure, high heart rate, you name it - all of which are to be expected if the person is living in a constantly stressed state!  

Their stress causes their blood to flow away from their trunk organs (liver, kidneys, bowels, etc…) causing the organs not to work at optimum levels

And where do most diseases start? - in those very organs!

So, one of the questions we ask our clients is:

 HOW are you eating? 

Before you eat a meal, take several slow, deep breaths. Relax. Be thankful. Pair your nervous system with the task that you’re trying to perform. 

Slowing down to a relaxed state where blood flow is optimized and being sent to those organs so that they can function the way they were designed to function and help you digest your meal.

This will change your life!

Here’s an example from one of our wonderful clients on how their digestive issues were resolved because they took control of their own future by making strategic choices to promote their vitality and unleash their inner healer:

If you’re ready to say “Goodbye!” to the chronic digestive issues - bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, discomfort after meals -that have been holding you back for years…

If you’re ready to say “YES - I want to feel good again!” so that you can be present with your family and live a longer, more fulfilled, and purpose-driven life... 

Then I invite you to take action TODAY and fill out an Appointment Application to find out if The Living Proof method is right for you! 

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Feeling Sick? 3 Steps to Start Healing Now!

You know the feeling, you wake up and sense the onset of a head cold…

An achy body, scratchy throat, and throbbing eyes -  oh no! 

You have a long list of things to do and places to be and don’t have time to get sick.

But instead of heading to the medicine cabinet to take an over-the-counter medication that will mask the problem (temporary fix!) to get you through the day,  this is the time to tune in to your body and find out exactly what it needs to start healing.

Our Children = Our Greatest Teachers 

When you are sick, your body goes into a sympathetic dominant state, basically fight or flight mode - which means you need to get your body out of this catabolic state into an anabolic state of growing, repairing, healing, and rejuvenating

Your body needs to be in this parasympathetic state to heal when you are sick! 

The good news is that there are several free, simple, and effective strategies you can immediately use to get your body into a parasympathetic state and start healing at the first sign of illness. 

Not surprisingly, our children can be our greatest teachers in this area because they naturally know what to do when they start feeling under the weather… 

As soon as a child realizes that they are feeling poorly they typically stop talking, stop eating, and start sleeping.

As adults, we do the opposite. 

As soon as we notice that we are feeling ill we usually run around telling everyone that we encounter how terrible we feel, we then comfort ourselves with “comfort food” and proceed to stay awake and push through the day by drinking caffeine or taking medicine to mask our symptoms. 

Our bodies innately know that the three fastest healers are:

  1. Sleep
  2. Fasting
  3. Silence


*Good Sleep Starts in the Morning

Exposure to morning sunlight is key to setting your body’s natural circadian rhythm and healthy sleep patterns

People who bask in the morning sunlight upon waking report being in a better mood throughout the day and sleeping better at night. 

Try to get out for a short walk even if you aren’t feeling well, otherwise, just sit on your porch or front steps or even just by a window.

*Be intentional about light exposure in the evening too- turn off overhead lights after dinner and enjoy the light of salt lamps and beeswax candles. 

This will help with the production of melatonin, which of course leads to a good night of healing sleep! 

*Don’t take stimulants or medications to try to get you through the days - sleep and rest is much more important, helpful, and effective than something that will just lead you to feel sicker longer.

*Turn off your phone/electronics and give yourself time to relax - do some deep breathing and write down what you are thankful for! 

Practicing even just 5-minutes of meditation and deep breathing exercises before bed can instantly put you in a relaxed, parasympathetic state and prepare you for getting the deep, restorative slumber your body needs to thrive!


*Stop eating! Every time you eat, your body shifts focus from healing to digesting and processing and absorbing. Often when you’re sick you even lose your appetite which is your body’s way of saying to lay off the food. 

It is important to stay hydrated though, so instead of reaching for some comfort snacks, try some tea or lemon water instead.

*Especially while you are sick (but even if you aren’t) it is important to fast 13-16 hours per day to give our digestive organs, kidneys, liver, and our immune system a break to repair and heal, which will decrease chronic inflammation. 

This will also improve our digestive function and blood sugar regulation. 

*Fasting also promotes something called autophagy. Autophagy is a natural process that occurs in your body. 

It’s your body's unique way of eliminating damaged or dead cells, harmful bacteria, fat stores, toxins, viruses, pathogens, and cancer cells. 


*Silence is much more than just not speaking. 

It’s also about quieting the mind and becoming present and allowing our body to naturally fall into a parasympathetic state in order to create an optimal environment for healing.

*Use this time when you aren’t feeling well to breathe deeply, meditate and reflect. 

That’s it - 3 easy and free steps to start feeling better today! 

⬇️ WATCH my video about these amazing and simple tips ⬇️

A Simple Formula to Get Your Spouse on Board With Your Health Journey

Have you ever been excited to start a new health and wellness program…

Only to almost instantly have a feeling of dread wash over you as you think about trying to convince your partner that this is in fact a wise decision that will benefit the whole family? 

This is something we hear all the time in our practice! 

As practitioners, it’s heartbreaking to watch well-intentioned people struggle to effectively communicate their health goals to loved ones…

And it is even more heartbreaking when the spouse or significant other isn’t supportive simply because they didn’t hear what they needed to based on their own unique communication styles!

It’s no secret that your first visit with a functional medicine practitioner brings with it so many new terms and concepts. 

So rather than retelling everything you learned at your appointment, focus on filtering through and sharing key ideas that will resonate with your partner!  

With this approach, you will learn the exact language you need to use to get your partner to say - 

“Yes! That sounds like a great investment!” 

Being able to communicate with your loved ones in a loving and effective way can actually have positive health benefits for all people involved… 

Poor Communication = Poor Health

Did you know that poor communication is one of the biggest contributors to poor health? 

When we have poor communication skills, we might exchange words for only a few moments but the ripple effect of that could last an entire lifetime

It’s not uncommon to feel anxiety and worry when you think about discussing your new health investment with your partner - especially if you have already spent a lot of time and money on other programs and never got the results you wanted! 

When this happens, your body will likely start going into a sympathetic state not just in that moment but potentially every single time you even think about talking to your partner about it.

This can cause your blood pressure to increase, an inability to think clearly, poor digestion, an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, and your blood glucose levels to rise. 

We want to be able to express ourselves in a way that reduces friction in our relationships and learn the communication styles of everyone we can. 

This knowledge is relevant for an entire lifetime.

Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate this type of situation and build deep, meaningful connections with the people you care about most, cultivating a space of love and understanding. 


Something that we do in our practice is to have every new client of ours take a DISC Personality Test. You can easily find this online and have you and your loved ones take it. The four personality types are:

Knowing and understanding your own type as well as your spouse’s is crucial for getting the support you need. 

1. Dominant - Dominant people love to be in control and are always up for a challenge

Suggest to them, “I am going to do this program and I challenge you to do it with me” or “How about we challenge each other to go gluten-free and hold each other accountable?”  

Let them know how they will still have control to choose what they eat while you make any necessary modifications! 

2.  An Influencer will wonder - how is this program going to affect my social life? 

Will we still be able to hang out with friends and go to restaurants? 

They need to know that this program will not conflict with their lifestyle and friendships.

3. A person with Steadiness craves stability, tradition, and harmony -  Don’t tell them you are going to overhaul everything about the way you eat! 

Small, steady, incremental changes work much better, along with a list of what you will eat so they can plan accordingly.

4. A Conscientious communication style needs order and precision

These are the critical thinkers who will want to know the details and see the research. 

You will need to demonstrate the power of the program by providing a book or study to read, or a podcast to listen to. 


The DISC Styles of Communication have revolutionized how we practice and we know they will empower you to have better, deeper, and more effective conversations with your partner! 

To learn more simple tips on how to effectively communicate your health goals with your partner, check out our new video:

How Patricia Lost 23lbs in 10 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

Meet Patricia, a woman in her sixties who has tried different weight loss programs and diets multiple different times in her life, but none of them gave her permanent results!

Recently, Patricia was struggling with severe back pain. She also gained excess weight and knew she needed to lose it in order to help relieve the stress from her back and be able to walk or stand for long periods of time without needing to rest.

She missed doing things she loved like hiking and kayaking!

That’s when Patricia - a previous client of Living Proof - received an email about our Living Light Reset Program and IMMEDIATELY took the steps to join.

Our team recently interviewed Patricia to share her honest, personal experience with The Living Light Reset Program and this is what she had to say:

1. What brought you to Living Proof?

“I was a client of The Living Proof Institute many years ago after I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease. Since then, I have stayed on The Living Proof mailing list.

When I heard about The Living Light Reset Program it caught my attention and I immediately joined!”

2. Before you came to Living Proof, what were some of the programs or diets that you tried in the past?

“You name it, I’ve tried it! I tried the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, the Jenny Craig diet, a keto diet… I’ve never really been successful with any of them.

I’ve lost a few pounds but have always gained them back. This is really the first program that has worked for me and I am absolutely thrilled!”

3. What is different between this program and previous things you have tried?

“I love how EASY the program is! Everything is already set out specifically for you, you can progress at your own pace, and the program is well laid out.

All of the support was extremely helpful. What really worked for me was the intermittent fasting, I have continued with it. The Oura Ring helps a lot, it keeps you on track; the journaling and instant feedback features were wonderful.

I am grateful that I did not have to give up all the foods I love.

I wasn’t thinking about food all the time. I am glad to know that I could treat myself in moderation and could find a happy balance with my indulgences.”

4. What pushed you over the edge to join?

“I was having low back pain that made it hard for me to walk or stand for long periods of time. I could no longer do the activities I enjoyed, like cooking, biking, swimming, and kayaking. The loss of weight has helped with all of that.

Now, I can do ALL of those things again… after just 10 weeks in the program!”

5. Can you share some of your amazing results so far?

“I have lost 23lbs and gained a whole new mindset that leaves me feeling more clear-headed!

I have a more cohesive relationship with food and am no longer craving the unhealthy foods I regularly wanted before.

I have a new mental strength and I can fit into the clothes I was never able to before… I have a whole new wardrobe again!

It has just been a positive experience really and I am so much more aware about what I put in my mouth. It has been great for my confidence and nice to receive compliments!”

6. What is the best part of working together?

“I LOVED the fact that I had instant feedback and suggestions from my coach whenever I reached out with questions or updated my journal!

I also enjoy that Living Proof is a community where you can get support from your coach, the founders, and others that are currently going through or have completed the program through Facebook and community Zoom calls! I am beyond pleased with the community.”

7. What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program?

“Don’t even think about not joining!

The Living Light Reset Program is AMAZING and it is the only time I have been successful in losing weight without gaining it back over time.

Join - you will be happy you did!”

8. Where would you have been if you hadn’t joined this program?

“Because of my previous weight and back pain, I believe I would have been heading towards a sedentary lifestyle had I not joined.

I would not be able to do all the things I want to do - walking, traveling, kayaking. I would be heading in the wrong direction!”

The first step in improving your health is being committed to do the hard inner work centered around your mind, body, and soul. When we focus on lifestyle skills, you gain resources you can use to optimize your health throughout your whole life!

Watch the full interview with Patricia HERE:


Patricia was willing to make the necessary changes to her life to improve her health - if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years…

I invite you to take action TODAY and fill out an Appointment Application to find out if The Living Proof method is right for you!

How Sukh Lost 45lbs in 6 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

Meet Sukh, a man in his forties who has been struggling with low energy, weight fluctuations, and various medical issues for 8 years

In the past, Sukh has tried a variety of fad diets and gone through multiple workout routines, but none of the fads or routines have been able to give him lasting results! 

Because of this, his stress levels increased…

All of this led to high blood pressure, diabetes, poor digestion, and that stubborn weight going right back to where it was before the diets and workouts.

Sukh heard about The Living Light Reset Program from Living Proof’s Founder, Sachin Patel. 

One of the main differences that Sukh noticed with our program is that it taught him how to focus not just on his physical health, but also his mental and spiritual health. 

Sukh has successfully completed 6 weeks of the Living Light Reset Program, and has already seen substantial results! 

Our team recently interviewed Sukh to share his honest, personal experience with The Living Light Reset Program and this is what he had to say:

1. What brought you to Living Proof? 

“For the past 7 or 8 years I have been struggling with my weight and other issues, trying to take care of them on my own. 

I was tired of the back and forth and decided to reach out to Sachin on one of his Facebook posts. I knew Sachin from chiropractic school and asked him if he thought the program would be a good fit for me. 

After our conversation I really felt like this was something I needed to do!”

2. Before you came to Living Proof what were some of the programs/diets that you tried in the past? 

“Having gone through chiropractic school, I learned a lot about wellness and nutrition and so modified several fad diets on my own. 

I tried Atkins, cut out carbs and alcohol for 3 months, but just couldn’t maintain the weight loss so my success was very up and down.”

3. How were you feeling before joining the program? 

“I was feeling overwhelmed, had poor energy, was overweight, and was frustrated with hearing doctors say I was always borderline on health issues. 

I didn’t like the medications I was being put on and the side effects they gave me with no end in sight. 

I knew I needed to do something, I didn’t want to be on any of this. I wanted to toss them in the trash and feel young, be in shape and have energy!” 

4. Can you share some of your amazing results so far? 

I am currently 6 weeks into the 10 week program and have released almost 50lbs… (49.6!) 

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself, the people around me, and the environment because this program focuses on everything - mind, body and spirit

It’s easy to get off track with stress but I have learned different coping mechanisms and breathing techniques and to focus on the parasympathetic nervous system. People don’t realize how important that is when they are trying to get to an optimal health state.   

My energy levels have increased, I want to go-go-go all the time and spend more quality time with my kids and wife. I have a positive energy and joy that I think rubs off on my patients as well. 

I also went off of my diabetes medication within 2 weeks! I am working towards getting off my hypertension medication and have not had acid reflux since day 2 or 3 of starting the program - which means my sleep isn’t interrupted either. 

Eczema that I have struggled with for years is completely cleared up! It’s been nice and motivating to get compliments from others who comment on how much younger I look and see the bounce in my step - positive, positive, positive, all the way around!” 

5. What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program? 

Don’t wait!

If you’re going to do it make sure you are committed and do it! It is life altering and life changing and it is for the best - you will be your best self! 

I see myself becoming even better and focusing on long term goals - where do I want to be in 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years? 

Stick to it. Follow it. Nothing worth doing is easy. 

The first few days were an adjustment but after that it has been smooth sailing - I now look forward to waking up and doing my morning routine and prepping my meals -  it is overwhelming but it is an awesome thing!” 

6. What is the best part of working together? 

“The support has been the best part of working together. 

You need someone to fall back on and to help you cope and stick with it when it is hard. It would have been really easy for me to fall off without that. 

The Facebook support group has given me the chance to talk to other individuals about their progress in this program. 

It’s been a place to ask questions and get detailed answers from others who have gone through it. The positive reinforcement has been wonderful and is a real key to being successful!”

7. Where would you have been if you hadn’t joined this program? 

“I would be caught up in the same cycle that I had been repeating. 

They would be upping my medication/doses, my pants would start to get too tight again and I would come up with some scheme to try to fix it myself and reward myself with ordering in pizza or getting fast food. 

I realize now I was giving myself garbage. Once I started to learn and understand nutritional values I noticed the positive effect it has.”

8. Any last words to those thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program? 

“It will not only do what you expect it to do, but you will get a lot of unexpected surprises that will benefit your health and well being.  

Life is great but life can be better. Strive to be your best for yourself and everyone around you!”

You can watch the full interview with Sukh HERE:

Sukh was willing to make the necessary changes to his life to improve his health - if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years

I invite you to take action TODAY and fill out an Appointment Application to find out if The Living Proof method is right for you! 

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21 Simple Ways to Love Yourself to Life

Have you recently been “diagnosed” with Normal Syndrome

You know the one where you finally clear time in your busy schedule to make an appointment with your doctor to see why you’ve been having: 

And then after you get your labs drawn the only feedback you receive is: 

“Your labs are normal.” 

And you are left with no clear treatment plan or diagnosis, which makes you feel discouraged and confused

Has this ever happened to you? 

We see Normal Syndrome all the time in our practice and understand how frustrated you feel. 

Because we know that true transformational healing should start with YOU and begin in your HOME, I decided to compile a list of 21 simple tips that you can start using today to help you begin healing the chronic maladies that have plagued you for years.

21 Ways to Love Yourself to Life:

  1. Simply, love yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what’s the self-talk that’s going on in your head? Become aware of your internal dialogue and change it to always be positive! Remind yourself daily that you are worthy and you are enough.
  2. Prioritize your health. This is a HUGE part of self-love. Health is both the ceiling and the foundation for everything in your life. If your health is only at 70%, then your work can only be at 70% and your relationships can only be at 70%. 
  3. Breathe. The ideal breath is a 6 second inhale through your nose, followed by a 6 second exhale through your mouth. When you’re doing something passive, try to focus on slowing down your breath to activate the state in which you can heal.
  4. Sleep. Society penalizes rest by making us feel lazy when it is really one of the key ways to express self love. It’s important to try to get 8 hours of sleep each night. Even ONE night with less than that increases cravings, reactivity, and brain fog. 
  5. Hydrate yourself. I start every morning by drinking at least 16 ounces of water and aim to drink a total of 2 liters of water by the end of the day. Sometimes hunger is really just dehydration. Reaching for your water bottle instead of a snack cleanses your body, satiates hunger, and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. 
  6. Read. It is a healthier alternative to the state of consumption we experience when watching TV. Try to read at least 15 minutes daily and limit your screen time in the hour before you go to bed.
  7. Practice meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, I suggest starting with just a couple minutes each day to focus on your breath. Doing so a few times a day allows you to re-center, re-focus, and be present in each moment.
  8. Gain wisdom. Whether it be spiritual or education, through reading or by listening to teachings. Incorporating some form of wisdom into your day helps us remember the importance of life.
  9. Engage with nature. Get outside daily and really observe your surroundings so that you become calm and at peace. Things like “forest bathing” and “grounding” are just a couple of ways that decrease your cortisol levels, which decreases feelings of anxiety and depression. 
  10. Eat mindfully. Similarly, eat intuitively! We as individuals know what we should be eating and how. Be more present when eating, slow down, and be grateful for each meal you have.
  11. Have gratitude. Write down a few things that you are grateful for each day to wire your brain for happiness and find the positive in every situation. There are so many more things we can be grateful for than there are things we can complain about. 
  12. Move your body. Engage in some sort of physical activity that allows you to meet yourself where you’re at. Movement is food for the brain. When you stimulate your body with movement, both your physical and mental health improves drastically. 
  13. Take supplements. The supplements you need will be different for each person. Each day I personally take vitamins C and D, magnesium, amino acids, medicinal mushrooms, and a multivitamin.
  14. Grow plants. Surrounding yourself with nature inside your home increases your mood and decreases stress. Grow plants that promote clean air and fill your home with healthy oxygen.
  15. Follow your passion. Make time to do what you enjoy doing! Also, it is never too late to start a new hobby. Taking time to do what you love will drastically improve your mood for the rest of the day.
  16. Take care of the Earth. Be more mindful of the long-term impacts of your purchases and make an effort to support small businesses any chance you get. It feels good to reduce consumption, reuse as much as possible, and recycle!
  17. Limit social media and news. I suggest no more than 15 to 20 minutes a day. Most of what we see lately is fear-driven and only makes you feel sad. It affects how you think and act for the entire day. 
  18. Spend time with loved ones. Make a point to tell them you love and appreciate them. Be more present with those who bring you joy. It is guaranteed to impact your mental health for the better
  19. Keep your life simple. Focus on the basics of what you need and what you enjoy. Simplicity is the key to a happy, healthy life
  20. Show compassion. We are all on our own journey - we really don’t know everyone’s stories or backgrounds. Thinking and acting negatively towards others will only cause you to do the same towards yourself. 
  21. Be accountable. You know what you need to do. If it will be more successful for you, designate someone to hold you accountable. It’s okay to need help making these changes! My husband is my accountability partner and encourages me to continue on my health journey each and every day. I am happy to be yours!

What tips are you going to start implementing in your daily life?

After years of coaching hundreds of women just like you on how to look and feel their very best, I have found that it is most effective for you to start small and meet yourself where you are at! 

I recorded a video with even more details on the 21 ways to love yourself to life and how they helped me on my personal health journey, you can watch it here: 21 Ways to Love Yourself to Life


If you’re ready to look and feel better than you have in years – I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20-minute Wellness Discovery Call!

On the call we’ll dive into:

Then, we’ll create a specialized plan that fits your exact needs!