Rosacea , Joint Stiffness, And Unhealthy Eating Patterns Case Study

Meet Sarah a 45-year-old female and a mother of two. She owns a private school and she is the lead director at the private school so she's very fatigued and tired because she puts in a lot of hours.

Patient Presentation

She's struggled with yoyo dieting since she was 17 years old.

She had a very strict and healthy mother growing up and her mother had a lot of guidelines in place with regards to diet and lifestyle. When she was young and so when she went to university she felt the need to rebel and she started eating a lot of processed foods including salty and sweet foods which she basically binges on throughout her adult life.

She doesn't eat too much meat. So at home it's primarily vegetarian diet with a few meats once or twice a week some fish and some chicken just a couple of times a week but primarily vegetarian.

She also feels more stiff and sore over the past few years.

Clinical Presentation

Patient Goals

Previous Treatments Rendered

Clinical Pearls

Functional Lab Testing






Clinical and Lifestyle Protocol

Supplement Recommendations

Outcomes – 30 Day Follow Up

Next Steps To Feel Your Best

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