Andrea is a 43 year-old highly successful entrepreneur and business owner. She has lived all over the world and recently settled in Canada. Due to her stressful lifestyle, Andrea had been dealing with a significant loss of energy as well as digestive issues that had plagued her for years.

Andrea had heard about our office following a referral from a colleague who had seen positive results from her own experience.

Through our initial visit and careful review of her intake form we learned the following:

  • During her university years she had gained some weight, however she lost nearly 45 lbs after completing school by restricting calories
  • Her weight loss and gain caused her to have a very bitter relationship with food
  • Due to some personal trauma during her childhood, she experienced some anxiety
  • She also noted significant issues with her hormones as her cycle was quite painful and heavy
  • For years she had been dealing with significant bloating and gas, a “crampy” feeling around her gut
  • She was also dealing with abdominal distention following meals, and constipation lasting a few days at a time
  • Her family doctors had completed testing and told her that everything looked “perfect” and that she was completely healthy
  • She had undergone surgeries to remove her appendix and her gallbladder in the past

Andrea was tired of suffering with these digestive issues as well as having a negative relationship with food – she needed a change and a new perspective. Together we decided that we were going to help get to the root cause of her health concerns rather than just managing the symptoms.

Through the Living Proof Method, we began to evaluate the 6 pillars of her health and we noticed issues related to her mitochondrial energy production function as well as poor digestive function due to a lack of good bacteria in her gut as well as the presence of some bad bacteria using DNA stool analysis.

On the same stool test, we also noticed a significant finding of gluten intolerance as well as a very low level of pancreatic function, which caused her normal digestion to be compromised with an inability to break down and absorb important macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

On another lab test, we noticed a significant issue with her energy production. It was clear that Andrea was having trouble producing energy in the engine of each of her cells – her Mitochondria.

Initially, Andrea was given the following recommendations to improve her diet and stress levels:

  • Eliminate certain foods from her diet such as Gluten containing foods
  • Begin eating less processed foods, moving towards a more Green, Clean and Lean diet
  • Begin some stress-relieving practices such as deep breathing and meditation
  • It was also recommended that Andrea begin reading and she was suggested some great titles to begin with
  • Begin setting daily intentions and start each day with a daily gratitude practice to help with stress

After just one month of dietary changes, Andrea was feeling significantly better. Her digestion had improved significantly as her bloating and constipation was almost completely eliminated. She began practicing yoga and meditation through a community group and had learned to decrease her stress overall.

Our next step with Andrea was to help eliminate some of the bad bacteria and elevate the levels of good bacteria, while also improving her energy with the temporary use of natural supplements and herbs.

Andrea has been feeling much more aligned as though she is getting back to being herself.

We used the Living Proof Method to evaluate the six pillars of her health as well as lifestyle recommendations to address the root cause of her health issues.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you improve your health, please set up a free phone consultation with us and we will be happy to evaluate your case and lead you along the path to becoming your optimal self.