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8 Behaviours To Look For In Baby Development

When a child is born, the earliest parts of the brain that start to develop are the primitive reflexes. They are present during the first few months of life to help with survival, but within the first year are replaced by postural reflexes instead. Plainly speaking,...

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4 Ways To Improve Your Digestion

Food digestion consist of three phases: the cephalic phase, gastric phase, and intestinal phase. The cephalic phase is the anticipation of food such as the smell, sight, thoughts, taste, and touch of the food (the feel of the food in the mouth). The gastric phase...

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Why Bloodwork is NOT Enough

It is an awkward sight to walk down the street and see someone using a payphone or pager today. This is largely because the mobile phone has made these technologies obsolete. Technological advancements in the healthcare space are no different. We now have...

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