How often should I check for worms?

All patients receive a 1 week “mercy period” where you only have to visually inspect each bowel movement. After 1 week, you will want to use a “stick” like object (bamboo skewer, stick from forest, chopstick, etc.) to inspect each bowel movement. If you still do not see anything, get in touch with your practitioner via the patient messaging portal.

How often do they come out?

Frequency can be variable but most patients will pass anywhere from a few weeks to several in each bowel movement.

What do they look like?

The color can vary from stool colored to an off-white. Worms will typically have strength and a rubbery feel and also be tough to break.

How do I check? What methods should I use?

A longer stick-like object is the best way to inspect. Gloves may be a good idea.

How long do I do the protocol for?

We recommend a 60-day protocol for all patients but some patients will require a longer time.

Should I do phase 1 (kidney/liver detox) first? Why/why not?

For some patients, starting on phase 1 liver support may be necessary but for those with stronger detox ability, the removal of gut bugs can be expedited

What is the difference between Biotox, Foundations and MetChem?

The BioTox binder helps bind toxins secreted and harbored by parasitic organisms. The Foundation binder overlaps but also affects viruses, retroviruses, and metals. The MetChem binder is the strongest metal binder and should only be used with guidance from your practitioner.

Do I need to take a binder?

A binder should always be taken to do the protocol safely and successfully

Do I need to take the Formula 1?

Formula 1 is needed as it affects eggs and smaller amoebae

What are the symptoms I can experience during the cleanse?

Generally, negative symptoms are minimal or not there at all. For some patients, a Herxheimer reaction (see your patient guide) can occur temporarily. This can involve fatigue, brain fog, a mild headache, and digestive upset. These symptoms should resolve very quickly (within 24-48 hours). If not, contact your practitioner for next steps.