Lab Phone Number: 877.269.0090

Purpose of the test:
This test can look for various pathogens that can be contributing to a person’s health challenges. These can range from vector-borne diseases like Lyme and co-infections, viruses, inhaled mold, etc.

The types of pathogens tested for will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on personal history and symptoms

Cost Price of Test: This can vary from pathogen to pathogen. For US patients, the lab treats everyone as ‘in-network’ and the cost per pathogen will reflect a person’s lab co-pay (before or after deductible is met). Be sure to include insurance information with the specimen.

Can Labcorp draw the blood? No, they will not draw any blood for third-party testing (other labs). Technically any lab can draw the blood such as Any Lab Test Now, a hospital, or doctor’s office if they have a phlebotomist on staff.

The draw center will ship the test kit and requisition in the FedEx bag provided

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