Leaky Mouth? What does that even mean and how can it affect my health?

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At this point, everyone has heard of a leaky gut, but something I see clinically is a concept we might call a ‘leaky mouth’. Remember, any barrier can be broken and if something is on fire then we actually have to point the fire extinguisher in the right place to put it out.


There can definitely be more well-known bacteria involved like Porphyromonas Gingivalis in someone’s gum diseases, but like most dysbiosis, there is usually more than one little critter contributing to the problem. The biggest contributors are commonly called keystone pathogens.

Strep & Candida

Below, we see how different kinds of strep interact with Candida Albicans (Both are fed by sugar – hint, hint, quit eating sugar). On the left, with one form of strep called S. oralis we can them making more plaque and breaking through the oral barrier. On the right, we can see Candida and a different strep called S. mutans where they are more resistant to oral enzymes and causing cavities.


But it is important to remember than not all Candida are bad. In fact, everyone has Candida. So what can help make it a problem other than sugar and different kinds of bacteria? Well stress can definitely do it. Candida have a lot of genes that are turned on when we as a host are stressed out. In this picture, if you look on the upper right, we can even see on a microscope the Candida (that are living with a bacteria) making hyphae (kind of like a spear) that is an indication that the Candida have now turned pathogenic.

Smokings Impact

By now, mostly everyone knows there is no good reason to smoke. Long gone is the terribly done research paid for by tobacco companies that said otherwise. Smoking can definitely be a form of chemical stress as well as aggravate the immune system in the mouth as well as the lungs. This has actually been shown in some genetically susceptible people to be a trigger for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Atherosclerosis and Neural Autoimmunity

But more than just causing cavities and RA. A leaky mouth has also been demonstrated to contribute to atherosclerosis and neural autoimmunity.


Lastly, below we can see that some oral bacteria have been implicated in Sjrögren’s, Crohn’s, and even Lupus (on top of RA).

As we can clearly see, there can be far-reaching and detrimental consequences to a leaky mouth. It is important to properly evaluate this system as well, especially if there already appears to be a problem in the area as well a genetic predisposition and/or family history of autoimmunity.




Author: Dr. Jared Seigler

For the last four years, he has served the Living Proof Institute as Clinical Director. After training hundreds of clinicians in functional medicine and functional neurology, a large part of his focus is to bring awareness to the healing potential of the human body metabolically through functional medicine and promoting neuroplasticity through functional neurology to help with the rising occurrences of chronic disease and providing solutions for complex health problems.

What are common health conditions that Dr. Seigler addresses using Functional Medicine?

Dr. Seigler has success in addressing neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, as well as the adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal imbalances that are common in chronic diseases. By combining Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology, a personalized, long-term strategy can be developed to help maximize the healing process.


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Dr. Jared Seigler

Dr. Jared Seigler is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been a Certified Functional Medicine Provider for the past seven years. After watching the health of his loved ones erode without any real answers being provided, he became passionate about utilizing the body’s own healing potential.

By focusing on the root cause of why a person doesn’t feel good, now they are able to put their body in a state of healing, growth, and repair. Dr. Seigler helps a person figure out ‘why’ they don’t feel good instead of figuring out ‘what’ they have. He is also trained in hundreds of hours of Functional Neurology to help promote growth, development, and healing of various regions in the central nervous system.


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It is nearly impossible to describe the big (literally) difference Dr. Jared has made in my son’s life.  Dr. Jared had the knowledge and experience to look beyond incomplete explanations and easy justifications to the gut.

Although my son’s pediatrician shared my concerns, the conventional approach didn’t have an answer.  In their system, with their tests, he wasn’t sick. He was just a late bloomer. Or possibly he was meant to be small.

But as he continued to fall significantly behind his peers developmentally, our concern grew, so to speak.  At 16, it seemed we were running out of time to determine if there was indeed a problem requiring intervention.

Working with Dr. Jared was so refreshing! He knew how to test the effectiveness of the digestive system, interpret the results and take corrective action.  Once my son was getting the nutrition from his food, instead of his unwelcome gut inhabitants, his body responded immediately.  In the first month, he grew far beyond normal puberty growth expectations and continued that pace as he caught up.  It was astounding.

I look forward to the day when all medicine operates within such a comprehensive process and base of knowledge. One designed to ferret out underlying dysfunction rather than treat or explain away symptoms.