Have you ever wondered what matters the most to people who have unlimited wealth?

Is it their health? Is it their family? Is it their mission? Is it making more money?

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself among some of the world’s most successful and ambitious entrepreneurs at Genius Network, hosted by Joe Polish.

One after the other these giants stepped on the stage and passionately shared their vision for a better world through service and contribution.

You see, the most successful people on the planet didn’t accumulate their wealth through greed, they did it through a never-ending desire to serve humanity by trying to create a better future for millions of people (and billions who are not even born yet).

I took lots of notes from the speaker presentations and had some intimate conversations that proved to be personally transformative.

I wanted to share some of my biggest takeaways in the hopes that they inspire you to take your business and personal growth to the next level.

It’s an honor to be able to attend such an excellent event and to bring these nuggets to you. I’ve dreamt of this day for many years. I consider this one of many ways that I can pay it forward to you.


Joe Polish

  • A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with a constant restlessness.
  • Get rid of ALL the negative people in your life.
  • Life gives to the giver and takes from the taker.
  • Any problem can be solved by a Genius Network.
  • If you spend your life working on your weaknesses, at the end of your life you will have really strong weaknesses…find your unique ability and double down on it (Joe quoting Dan Sullivan)
  • Amateurs wait for inspiration; professionals do it with a headache.
  • The opposite of addiction is connection.
  • Lighten up; you’ll live longer.
  • Show up as authentically as possible in every area of your life.

Randy Zuckerberg

  • Success traps are harder to get out of than failure traps.
  • You are never as good as they say you are and you are never as bad they say you are.
  • Don’t let the good go to your head or the bad go to your heart.

Gabor Mate

  • You cannot punish pain out of people.
  • Not feeling wanted can make people workaholics who are seeking validation for their existence.
  • ADD is a response to trauma.
  • Addiction is not a disease; it’s response to a trauma.
  • The opposite of addiction is connection.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

  • Add value to the market, not interruption.
  • Give more than you take.
  • It’s easier to market, but it’s harder to get people’s attention.
  • If you offer something different, you have a geometric advantage, if you offer something better, you have an incremental advantage.
  • Find underserviced markets and overdeliver.
  • The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions.
  • To influence another human being, you have to know what influences them (their mental state and their values).
  • Love your clients/customers more than you love your products/services.
  • Impact > income
  • A belief is a poor substitute for an experience.
  • Stories = labels = limitations


Naveen Jain

  • If you can’t pay it back, pay it forward.
  • It’s easier to create a billion-dollar business than a million-dollar business.
  • Don’t sell, inspire.
  • Skills become obsolete every 6-7 years.
  • In life, working together is teamwork. In school, working together is cheating.
  • The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.
  • Let good things fall apart for great things to come together.
  • People will always remember how you made them feel, not what you said.
  • Always answer the phone when someone important calls, everything else can wait.
  • Love is unconditional, approval is conditional.

Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis

  • Healthcare and education are going to ZERO with the new wave of technology coming.
  • Entrepreneurs take resources and make them worth more.
  • Your past provides you with the raw materials to create a better future.
  • Dematerialize -> demonetize -> democratize
  • The Forbes 500 list will radically shift in the next 10-15 years.
  • Gratitude is abundance related to the past. Generosity is abundance related to the future.
  • Are you a leaf on the river, or are you the river?
  • Capitalism should be named capable-ism.
  • The only scarcity is passion, not resource.
  • 10% growth comes from thinking in the past, 10X growth comes from thinking of new possibilities in the future

Dave Asprey

  • The health of your company is a reflection of your own health.
  • To scale your company; eat right and develop yourself.
  • Let your team fail so they can learn and become independent.

You can clearly see that that health, family, and personal development are a theme that comes up quite often. What you might not know is that every single one of these people utilizes functional and lifestyle medicine as their primary form of healthcare!

Of course…they’re Geniuses.

I hope that these golden nuggets positively influence your life.

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