Julie Seigler

Office Manager

Julie is a passionate office manager for the Living Proof Institute.  Her role is to provide support for both our patients and team and loves to maintain a smoothly running office.

She was first introduced to Functional Medicine when she became her husband’s first patient via Sachin Patel. Her health started to deteriorate in her early 20s with rapid unexplained weight loss, chronic constipation, digestive issues, joint pain, muscle weakness, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and loss of a menstrual cycle for 5 years. With the power of Functional Medicine, she was able to find the root cause of her symptoms and became pregnant within two months of implementing the changes.

Her husband Jared Seigler, functional medicine practitioner, have a lovely free-spirited girl Adalynn. To this day she continues to educate herself and optimize her health through functional and lifestyle medicine. Given her incredible journey, she loves sharing and teaching others how to reach their health goals from personal experience.

Julie is a true foodie at heart and is a self taught chef. She enjoys spending time out doors with her husband and daughter. When she’s not working, she is likely watering the fresh vegetable garden in the backyard, going for a walk with her family after a delicious home cooked dinner, and strength training.

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