Meet Tibi, a young engineer passionate about traveling. He came to the Living Proof Institute after experiencing significant digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue, and poor sleep. Frustration was high because his symptoms were negatively impacting his relationships, social life and his passion for work.

He consulted with many doctors, both traditional and naturopathic, and all of his tests came back normal. He was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), and his family physician prescribed anti-depressants for treating IBS. This made no sense and was never going to answer why he was experiencing these symptoms.

After doing more research online, he went on his own healing journey and started by cutting out dairy, gluten and processed foods. He noticed some improvements, but he was still unable to hold his food down and he still didn’t have an answer as to why his symptoms persisted.

He discovered The Living Proof Institute after hearing Sachin Patel speak at Toronto’s Gluten Free Expo. He had never heard of Functional Medicine prior to this workshop and everything that was being presented seemed to make sense. He wanted to find out why he was experiencing these symptoms, and functional medicine presented a solution that identifies the root causes.

After coming in for an initial consultation, but he did not proceed with enrolling in the program because was still skeptical. He had spent significant time and money on other alternative healthcare providers prior to this with little or no results. After doing more research and no significant improvement in symptoms, he returned back and decided to give the Living Proof Method a fair shot.

After a careful analysis of his history, it was discovered that most of his digestive issues started after a vacation in Africa. Some digestive stool testing uncovered that he tested positive for Endolimax nana, a parasitic infection that is known to cause digestive issues and malabsorption in some patients. He also tested positive for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which is known to be the root cause of majority of IBS cases.

Stool Testing for Parasites

He was working over 50 hours a week, had a daily 2 hour commute and high work stress. He indicated a restless mind, difficulty relaxing, worrying often about things that he was not worried about before and an inner feeling of tension and excitability.

High stress is quite common but not normal. Our bodies are not well adapted for long term chronic stress. We ordered a DUTCH Hormone panel on Tibi to asses his cortisol patterns. The test showed that his morning free range cortisol was 3 times higher than the highest range limit.

He was in a constant stress state, also known as “fight or flight”. This helped explain why regardless of what diet he tried, he was unable to hold his food down. When we are in a  stressed state, blood flow to our digestive system decreases because eating is not considered important when our physiology thinks we are being chased by a lion. The parasitic infection, bacterial overgrowth and a yeast infection were also adding fuel to the fire.

Adrenal Stress Test – Before

We recommend Tibi introduce a mindfulness and meditation practice. We also recommended a change in careers, lifestyle and better sleeping habits in order to regulate his Circadian Rhythm.

He was put on a protocol to clear the parasitic infection and eliminate the bacterial and yeast overgrowth. He was presented with both a herbal and antibiotics protocol as options with similar efficacy rates. He decided to take the antibiotic route because it was a quicker protocol.

After clearing his infections, he retested negative for the parasite and yeast overgrowth. The biggest result was that his hormones stabilized and was within range.

Adrenal Stress Test – After

After having an incredible heath and healing journey, Tibi has gained back 30 lbs, has a daily meditation practice, enjoying restful sleep and significantly improved digestion.

After going through this journey, he realized how broken our medical system is and how many people deal with chronic health issues without significant results or answers.

He has since changed his life’s mission from building hospitals, to building healthier people so they don’t end up getting sick and in hospitals.

He believes functional medicine is the most cost and clinically effective approach to building health.

He now works with the Living Proof Institute to help doctors replicate the Living Proof Model in thousands of clinics across the world.

His only regret is not starting The Living Proof Method sooner. He always advises people to learn from his mistakes and take action today.

To learn if our approach is right for you, please set up a free phone call.