How To Maximize Test Results And Avoid Supplement Overload

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For a lot of people, they aren’t even aware that there is “other testing” than the bloodwork or imaging their doctor orders. Little do they know there is a lot of different ways to evaluate what is happening inside the body to try and see small issues before they become big problems. This type of testing is usually called functional testing. With these tests things like cellular metabolism, liver detoxification pathway, the body’s response to stress, hormone breakdown, infections in the brain, blood, or stool and the list goes on.

Other people know that this type of testing exists but fight tooth and nail sometimes with their doctor to run these types of tests, and unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of action taken from the results since it is their first time seeing these types of results so it is unfamiliar territory. This can lead to frustration on both sides of the exam table.

On the flip side of the coin are people that are getting functional testing done and the approach is still a this-for-that approach, but just with supplements instead of drugs. This is commonly called “green medicine” and the effects can be a mixed bag to say the least.

Here we see some example lists of supplements that some different people were given in their search for answers, and these are based off on only one test. One person when asked if they at least felt better said “no I feel worse” to which my response was “then why are you still taking them?” Not to say they aren’t good quality supplements, but who honestly wants to spend the time and money taking over 50 pills per day?

A glaring problem with this type of approach is that people end up trying to micro-manage the body. Since trillions of cells are doing of hundreds of processes every second it is impossible to do a better job than the body was designed to do. There have even been instances of people taking “half of my B6 every 3 hours, one capsule of magnesium every 4 hours, B9 is every other day, and I cut my B12 in thirds and take that every morning” as they try and “hack” their genetic SNPs to try and outsmart the methylation cycle.

Although it is good the testing was done (some very good information was learned from the testing) it is a problem because these people were told they were experiencing Functional Medicine, which is a root cause approach to health issues, but instead they were experiencing green medicine.

Now they might assume that there is nothing to this type of testing and healthcare approach and then lump all functional medicine practitioners in the same group. If a person gets a bad haircut they don’t quit getting a haircut, they just find a better barber.

When looking at this type of testing a lot of people still don’t take it a step further and ask how these markers got so out of range to begin with. If you have had cool testing done, but still don’t have answers then feel free to click the button below to schedule a time to discuss what is going on.

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Download your FREE thyroid lab work checklist instantly

Are you being told your labs look fine based on incomplete testing?