How Sukh Lost 45lbs in 6 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

Meet Sukh, a man in his forties who has been struggling with low energy, weight fluctuations, and various medical issues for 8 years

In the past, Sukh has tried a variety of fad diets and gone through multiple workout routines, but none of the fads or routines have been able to give him lasting results! 

Because of this, his stress levels increased…

All of this led to high blood pressure, diabetes, poor digestion, and that stubborn weight going right back to where it was before the diets and workouts.

Sukh heard about The Living Light Reset Program from Living Proof’s Founder, Sachin Patel. 

One of the main differences that Sukh noticed with our program is that it taught him how to focus not just on his physical health, but also his mental and spiritual health. 

Sukh has successfully completed 6 weeks of the Living Light Reset Program, and has already seen substantial results! 

Our team recently interviewed Sukh to share his honest, personal experience with The Living Light Reset Program and this is what he had to say:

1. What brought you to Living Proof? 

“For the past 7 or 8 years I have been struggling with my weight and other issues, trying to take care of them on my own. 

I was tired of the back and forth and decided to reach out to Sachin on one of his Facebook posts. I knew Sachin from chiropractic school and asked him if he thought the program would be a good fit for me. 

After our conversation I really felt like this was something I needed to do!”

2. Before you came to Living Proof what were some of the programs/diets that you tried in the past? 

“Having gone through chiropractic school, I learned a lot about wellness and nutrition and so modified several fad diets on my own. 

I tried Atkins, cut out carbs and alcohol for 3 months, but just couldn’t maintain the weight loss so my success was very up and down.”

3. How were you feeling before joining the program? 

“I was feeling overwhelmed, had poor energy, was overweight, and was frustrated with hearing doctors say I was always borderline on health issues. 

I didn’t like the medications I was being put on and the side effects they gave me with no end in sight. 

I knew I needed to do something, I didn’t want to be on any of this. I wanted to toss them in the trash and feel young, be in shape and have energy!” 

4. Can you share some of your amazing results so far? 

I am currently 6 weeks into the 10 week program and have released almost 50lbs… (49.6!) 

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself, the people around me, and the environment because this program focuses on everything - mind, body and spirit

It’s easy to get off track with stress but I have learned different coping mechanisms and breathing techniques and to focus on the parasympathetic nervous system. People don’t realize how important that is when they are trying to get to an optimal health state.   

My energy levels have increased, I want to go-go-go all the time and spend more quality time with my kids and wife. I have a positive energy and joy that I think rubs off on my patients as well. 

I also went off of my diabetes medication within 2 weeks! I am working towards getting off my hypertension medication and have not had acid reflux since day 2 or 3 of starting the program - which means my sleep isn’t interrupted either. 

Eczema that I have struggled with for years is completely cleared up! It’s been nice and motivating to get compliments from others who comment on how much younger I look and see the bounce in my step - positive, positive, positive, all the way around!” 

5. What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program? 

Don’t wait!

If you’re going to do it make sure you are committed and do it! It is life altering and life changing and it is for the best - you will be your best self! 

I see myself becoming even better and focusing on long term goals - where do I want to be in 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years? 

Stick to it. Follow it. Nothing worth doing is easy. 

The first few days were an adjustment but after that it has been smooth sailing - I now look forward to waking up and doing my morning routine and prepping my meals -  it is overwhelming but it is an awesome thing!” 

6. What is the best part of working together? 

“The support has been the best part of working together. 

You need someone to fall back on and to help you cope and stick with it when it is hard. It would have been really easy for me to fall off without that. 

The Facebook support group has given me the chance to talk to other individuals about their progress in this program. 

It’s been a place to ask questions and get detailed answers from others who have gone through it. The positive reinforcement has been wonderful and is a real key to being successful!”

7. Where would you have been if you hadn’t joined this program? 

“I would be caught up in the same cycle that I had been repeating. 

They would be upping my medication/doses, my pants would start to get too tight again and I would come up with some scheme to try to fix it myself and reward myself with ordering in pizza or getting fast food. 

I realize now I was giving myself garbage. Once I started to learn and understand nutritional values I noticed the positive effect it has.”

8. Any last words to those thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program? 

“It will not only do what you expect it to do, but you will get a lot of unexpected surprises that will benefit your health and well being.  

Life is great but life can be better. Strive to be your best for yourself and everyone around you!”

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