How Sandra Lost 20lbs in 6 Weeks

Meet Sandra, a woman who struggled with her weight for years before she decided to join The Living Light Reset Program

Sandra came to me when she was at her lowest point - she kept gaining weight, had no energy, and couldn’t figure out why! 

Once she started The Living Light Reset Program, everything changed…

Sandra shares her experience here: 

1. What brought you to the Living Proof Institute? 

Sandra has a background in nutrition and has helped other people, so she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t able to help out herself. 

She was also going through hormonal changes and adrenal fatigue, and out of nowhere, she gained 25 lbs! She realized that she was constantly stressed, but even after the stress was managed, the weight wouldn’t budge no matter what she tried. 

When Sandra found my program, she was instantly intrigued and knew she had to try it because she was at a point where she was extremely frustrated all of the time. 

It’s important to realize that even though we’re able to help others with their journeys, we may need to outsource our own health!

2. What programs or diets did you try before the Living Light Reset Program? 

Sandra tried different programs that had very specific meal plans and meal times to maintain her blood sugar throughout the day - this was not realistic for her

She followed it as best as she could, but it didn’t work for her! Additionally, Sandra is vegetarian and tried the Keto diet and said she felt awful on it and gained 4 lbs because of it. 

She ate a pretty healthy diet to begin with, so not seeing any results after trying these programs and diets really frustrated her. 

This happens to a lot of clients - they have a clean diet already, but still the weight won’t budge!  This is because weight loss isn’t all about food. 

3. What were some differences that you found between the Living light Reset Program and another program you tried? 

Sandra says that she loved that my program offered intermittent fasting! She continues to do it because it makes her feel good, and it makes meal planning less stressful. 

She says that my program differs from others because the guidelines were SIMPLE, there is a lot of VARIABILITY with her diet, and there was so much SUPPORT from the community - she felt motivated! 

“It wasn’t just about the food, you had other lifestyle considerations as well, and this program was the full package.”

4. What were your results with the program? 

Sandra reached her goal, which was to lose 20 lbs! She also lost 5 inches across her chest and waist

This transformation was amazing to her because she was able to lose the weight she’d been carrying for almost 2 years that wouldn’t budge! 

The only thing she was worried about was gaining the weight back after the program, but she is still at her goal weight even after completing the program! 

5. What was the best part of the program and working together? 

Having the consultations were helpful, and the structure of everything was easy to follow. She loved having support and accountability because it's hard to do everything on your own. Having other people to talk to motivated and kept Sandra on track! 

When it comes to losing weight, it’s not all about how much we eat, what we eat, or exercising. A huge component of weight loss is stress and sleep. So when we have insights on how we're doing in those areas, it truly benefits us. It also shows you how far you’ve come and the improvements you’ve made!

6. What made you join and get started? 

What tipped her over was the level of frustration that she was at. After watching one of my webinars, she wanted to try my program because of the way I talked about it and the different things I focused on - like hormones, stress, and food! 

It really felt like a holistic program for her, and that’s what she was looking for because it's maintainable!

7. What would you say to someone who wants to try my program but is uncertain? 

Sandra says to do it! She knows you may be feeling uneasy, but this program works! 

It’s not a short term solution and you won't gain the weight back because your body reaches a new point and stabilizes you. Sandra says that she’s only seen positive results from other people in the community, and she hasn’t seen that with any other program she’s tried!

8. If you didn't do this program where would you be now with your health?

She said she’d be even more frustrated and stressed because she would be heavier. She feels like she would have to watch everything that she wanted to eat because of how fast she was gaining weight. 

9. What does your life look like now?

It's way more simple! She feels good, energized, and her meals are simpler because she is no longer overthinking them! 

She feels accomplished because she is still eating healthy foods without having the stress of thinking about it

Sandra thought that she was going to be stuck where she was, but with the help of my program and the amazing community that we have, she was able to become the healthiest version of herself! 

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t give up!

My program is designed to help you optimize your health by teaching you how to incorporate simple, healing lifestyle strategies instead of just focusing solely on diet and exercise!  

Watch my full interview with Sandra HERE

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