How Lisa Released 11 Pounds in 7 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

Meet Lisa, a woman in her 50’s, who is a full time PhD student and consultant with a busy schedule. 

When Lisa first joined The Living Light Reset Program, she was struggling with weight gain due to her thyroid condition, bloating, inflammation, low energy and hormone imbalances from menopause.

Lisa had tried several diets before joining our program but found she would release and gain the same 10 lbs over and over. She was passionate about creating a healthy routine that was sustainable to have optimal energy and health and finally release the weight for good. 

We adjusted the program to accommodate Lisa’s vegan diet. Today, she is sharing her amazing journey with us on how she was able to release 11 lbs in 7 weeks through The Living Light Reset Program!

1. What brought you to the Living Proof Institute?

“It has been a long journey. My health concerns kept me searching and were the main reason I ended up here.  I was generally healthy and maintained a healthy weight, but a few years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition.  

As a result, I gained weight that I couldn’t release and the diagnosis caused a lot to happen that I felt I had no control over!” 

2. What did you try prior to coming to Living Proof?

“There's so much information out there and I was trying to figure out how to heal myself fully (not just the weight) on my own. I am vegan and because of this, I had a hard time trying to find a diet out there that worked for my lifestyle and situation.

For a while I tried a vegan Keto diet (green keto) - this caused me to gain more weight  which was scary and counterproductive! I came up with various diets on my own and tried them. I also went to my doctor, working with the health system.  

It was years of gaining and losing weight, which was really frustrating. All of these approaches were just about counting calories and high intensive exercise; I realized that I wanted and needed something more holistic.”

3. What did you find different about this approach? 

“I love that it is called releasing weight - this word has been so impactful for me! We often talk about losing weight, which implies that we want to find the weight again. 

As I was journaling, I wrote about not only releasing the weight, but also about releasing the other challenges that were holding me back - emotional struggles, the stressors in my environment and the limiting beliefs I had about how to cook my own food and how to care for myself. 

This program focused so much on valuing myself and the time and energy I was putting into preparing food, etc… It is such a holistic approach and no other program has this method!”

4. Can you share some of the results?

“Because of my thyroid condition, I gained over twenty stubborn pounds. My stress levels were high, I would eat on the run and not take the time to cook for myself or even slow down and breathe deeply. I was experiencing irregular sleep patterns, not knowing how important it was to honor my body or my time with healthier habits.

After being on the program for 8 weeks, I have released 11 pounds! 

I plan to keep going with these new routines to keep releasing more weight. I now make a conscious effort to increase my water intake and really learn more about the healthiest sleep patterns and the importance of rest.

Instead of rushing through my carefully made meals, I have made a new rule for myself - however long it takes me to prepare my food is how long I will spend eating and enjoying it. 

I’m getting my walks in every day while focusing on gratitude and maintaining healthier routines - this is all a result of investing in this program.”

5. What put you over the edge to join?

“When I first learned about the program and contacted The Living Proof Institute, I was able to have an interview with Dipa, one of the founding members of the program. 

This was such a positive, informative, and impressive experience. She talked to me in depth about my questions and concerns while really explaining to me what I can expect if I joined the program. 

Dipa’s compassion while making herself available and listening to me was really comforting and informative, it made me feel like I had hope and that I really needed to pursue this for my own health!”

6. How have things changed for you in your life?

“Releasing weight was the cherry on top! I have noticed a huge shift in my lifestyle. I am now taking more time for myself and establishing routines that had previously gone by the wayside. I am so much more balanced now; overall I have a new sense of appreciation and value for my health and life. 

Somewhere along the way I started to really enjoy creating beautiful food and mindfully eating it. This awareness and relationship with food has been really transformative!”

7. What was the best part of working together? 

“Working with Alice was the best part! She was so attentive while helping to make the program a very personal experience. 

I really benefited from the Friday meetings, I enjoyed learning more about whatever the theme was, but it was also a great time to ask any questions I had.  

Both the manual and journaling helped me with accountability, making me notice where I was and if I was staying on track. All of these tools were transformational in helping me establish healthy routines!”

8. Where would your health be if you didn’t take action?

“When I decided to start the program, I was at a really low point. I was crying every day and wondering what I was doing wrong. 

My weight was debilitating even if it wasn’t a massive amount and I was just at a loss. This gave me hope that there is a way to go forward and I know that if I had not joined I would still be struggling and trying to figure out how to heal!”

9. What would you say to someone who is thinking about the next step in joining the program?  

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in transforming their life to join this program. This isn’t just about releasing weight. 

My friends and family notice my overall well being and now I encourage them to invest in themselves by reaching out and learning more about the program. The results have been profound for me and I would highly recommend this to anyone!” 

>>>Watch the full interview with Lisa HERE<<<

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