How Lisa Lost 27lbs in 8 Weeks

Meet Lisa, a woman that has tried different weight loss programs and diets her whole life, but none of them have given her the results she was looking for!  

Each time Lisa would try out a new program or diet she thought it was working because she was losing weight, but after she was done with them, the weight slowly started creeping back up on her

The problem was that the weight loss programs and diets weren’t sustainable - so she ended up gaining the weight back every single time! 

Lisa discovered The Living Light Reset Program and decided to give it a try…  

One of the main differences that Lisa noticed with our proven program was that we focus on weight loss from a holistic approach and focus on gaining overall health while losing those stubborn pounds! 

Now, Lisa is a part of the Living Proof Community, has done the Living Light Reset Program, and has gone through an amazing transformation!

I asked Lisa to share her experience about The Living Light Reset Program and this is what she had to say:

1. What brought you to Living Proof? 

Lisa says that she was searching for a natural solution to lose excess weight. 

She had tried a number of weight loss strategies, and when she came across the Living Proof and read it over she was intrigued and felt it offered so much more than any other program she had done/checked out - so because it piqued her curiosity she joined!

2. Before you came to Living Proof what were some of the programs/diets that you tried in the past? 

She had actually done programs that had prepackaged meals to help lose weight and went to a diet doctor where they prescribed things and gave her shots. 

Lisa felt like all of this was too extreme so she started trying different diets on her own. She realized that everything she was trying may have proved to be a fix for some time, but she eventually was brought back to square one. 

This is something that we commonly hear. The diets and programs may work in the short term, but eventually, the weight starts slowly creeping up on them

3. How were you feeling before joining the program? 

Lisa says she was feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and overall felt like she was spiraling out of control

She hated the way she felt and knew that if she didn't find a permanent solution, her situation was only going to get worse

So she decided to take the next steps and move in the holistic direction because it was something she had done a lot of research on. Lisa said that the holistic approach to things was what attracted her to the program because we focus on the body, mind, and spirit!

4. What made you finally decide to join the program? 

As Lisa mentioned, she had done a lot of research, and she also checked different price points. One of the key things that she liked was the Oura ring that we give to all of our clients because it gave her so much more awareness around her sleep, stress, and recovery. She had a gut feeling that my program was going to give her the best value, and after our consultation, she wanted to start right away! 

5. Can you share some of your amazing results? 

By week 6 Lisa had lost 15 inches, and by the 8th week she had released a total of 27 lbs...that’s amazing! 

This transformation has made her feel better because she’s now fitting into her jeans and has so much more energy so she is able to set her goals higher. Before, she didn’t want to go out and be seen, now she is ready! 

Her confidence has boosted because she is now comfortable in her body! 

6. What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking the next steps to joining our program? 

Lisa says “Don’t wait, go for it!” It’s hard to explain how MUCH people have benefited from this program, and while listening to testimonials shows you the outside view, they don’t show you how much you get from within the program

Lisa said that The Living Light Reset Program has so much individualized attention and science-backed evidence to help you understand your body better and how it functions - this is the best value for your money and health, so why not start now?

7. What was the best part of working together? 

Lisa’s never had a coach, so she enjoyed the individualized attention and checking in. 

The Q&A sessions gave her the chance to talk to other individuals about their progress in this program and watch them evolve. One of the main predictors of longevity is community, and having a group of like-minded people that are on the same journey and showing support for one another is so important and instrumental to your healing as well!

8. Where would you have been if you hadn’t joined this program? 

Lisa says that she would be in a worse situation than she was in - she thinks she would have gained more weight, been more depressed, and spiraled out of control. Overall, it would not be a healthy place to be in - physically or mentally!

The first step in improving your health is addressing the problem. If we just give our clients pills or supplements then they only benefit, but when we focus on lifestyle skills then everyone around them benefits and they’ll have resources they can use to optimize their health throughout their whole life. 

Watch my full interview with Lisa HERE

Lisa was willing to make the necessary changes to her life to improve her health - if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years, I invite you to take action TODAY and book a complimentary 20- minute Wellness Discovery Call!

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  • What your specific goals are and why they’re important to you

Then, we'll determine if working together is a great fit!

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