How Krista Released 30lbs and 19 inches in 10 Weeks Without Pills, Potions, or Planks

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Meet Krista, a woman in her 40’s, who is a devoted mom and wife with a full-time schedule! 

When Krista first joined The Living Light Reset Program, she was struggling with hormone imbalances, weight gain, chronic headaches, low energy, and chronic inflammation

Can you relate? 

Throughout the years, Krista has tried countless weight release programs without any luck. Today, Krista is sharing her amazing journey with us on how she was able to release 30 lbs and 19 inches in 10 weeks through The Living Light Reset Program!

What brought you to The Living Proof Institute?

“I had a lot of inflammation and knew I needed to lose some weight. I was listening to a free webinar that was offered and knew it was something I needed to try.” 

What have you tried prior to The Living Light Reset Program?

“I’ve tried countless things since my early twenties! For awhile, I did point counting and calorie counting. I’ve also had restrictive diets. Eating less, moving more…. The list goes on! But obviously, nothing worked long-term or had lasting results.” 

What did you find different about this approach?

“I loved that I wasn’t counting points or calories or anything. 

That just gets too complicated and hard to keep track of, especially if I was eating out or just busy and away from home. All of that just got to be too much of a hassle so the ease of this program was just really great!

It’s been helpful to have the freedom to enjoy a simple meal that included meat, fruit, and veggies – or if I felt like it, I could experiment with some new and more complicated recipes if time allowed and I wanted something different.” 

What put you over the edge to finally join?

I had a surgery in February and was off of work for two weeks to heal. I returned to work but could only keep at it for 3 weeks – and then needed another 6 weeks off! I just wasn’t healing well. I had a lot of inflammation, my hand would swell and I had hormone issues. I knew I needed to get these things taken care of!”  

What are some of the results that you have experienced? 

“I have released 30 pounds and 19 inches! And I have maintained my weight. It is nice to feel comfortable in my own skin and fit into a smaller clothing size. I am mentally and physically more fit.” 

How have you noticed your energy shift? 

“The Oura ring has really helped me to get better sleep and to sleep more. I am waking up easily at a consistent time and not shutting off the alarm repeatedly. I actually want to go outside and exercise – I just feel more energetic and peppier, who doesn’t want that?!” 

How have things changed in your life since completing the program?

“I definitely have more energy because I have learned how to rest well and how important that is. As a mom, I am so busy doing so many other things for other people; I’ve had to give myself permission to rest, and now that is easier. 

I don’t feel like I have to do everything all the time. Rest has been key to healing my body and getting the inflammation under control. This has been eye-opening for me!”

What was the best part of working together?

“I loved the support! It was easy to reach out and ask questions, the Facebook page and notes of encouragement/checking in were really helpful to keep me motivated and accountable.” 

Where would your health be now if you had not joined The Living Light Reset Program?

“With Covid and being stuck in the house, I know there would have been more weight gain in my future (in addition to my other health concerns) if I had not done something when I did. 

My hips were already starting to hurt from being seated at my computer all day and not exercising – and wearing sweatpants all day makes it even easier to slip into these bad habits!”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about the next step?

“I would encourage them to join the program! It has been a very eye-opening and rewarding experience. Not only did I just learn a lot through doing the modules, but I really enjoyed doing them. 

We think we are doing things like sleeping and breathing correctly. But, there really is a right way to do them that I didn’t know about! We have a tendency to stay up too late and try to get too much done. This program really helped to change that mindset.”

What is your life like now after working with us?

“I am definitely more conscious of where and when I am eating and fasting. I was always a breakfast person and was always told that it was the most important meal of the day. I have realized that I can still thrive without the quantities of food I was previously eating in a day. I have continued with Intermittent fasting and don’t really miss eating breakfast.”

Do you have any final remarks to share with our audience? 

“I enjoyed the program, everything about it – the coaching along the way, the support, and simplicity. I am more aware of my own body and how I am feeling, I was not that way before. If I eat certain things I know how they affect me. 

The Oura ring helps remind me of sleep but I feel a lack of rest and what my body needs even without that now. It is nice to have permission to take a nap if I need to and just rest. I feel great! I’ve experienced eye-opening results and I think people should try this program!” 

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Krista was willing to make simple but extremely powerful and effective changes to her life to improve her health – if you are too and want to look and feel better than you have in years…

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This journey of self discovery and health inspired me to become a Health & Life Coach to be able to guide and teach others how to become confident and proactive about their own health. I believe that health does not need to be complicated, with the right tools and information, we are able to bring wellness into your life and home so that you can be your most vibrant and abundant self.

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