Have you ever been told that your labs are "perfectly fine" but feel like crap?

By Sachin Patel | February 23, 2018 |

Are you starting to feel like you're going crazy?

Here are 22 steps to go from feeling crazy to feeling validated.

1. Believe there is a solution (that resides mostly inside you).

2. Commit to your best life, no matter what. Because the only alternative to your best life is your worst life. You only get one life.

3. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Jared Seigler, Ricky Brar, Navaz Habib, Gretchen Abrams Dyer, or Andrew Scopick

4. Have a meaningful conversation to see if our services can support your goals.

5. If we can help, we'll invite you to a no-obligation, no pressure, in-depth 60-minute consultation to review your personal history.

6. We'll evaluate your entire life story (emotional, biological environmental, social etc) and labs.

7. You'll engage in a transformational conversation with someone who has been a patient of the process themselves.

8. Together, we'll identify the right program to meet your needs (and wants).

9. We'll provide you with the right functional lab testing to find upstream causes of chronic dis-ease instead of treating symptoms with drugs or supplements.

10. You'll schedule a nutrition and lifestyle consultation with our amazing health coach, Someya Zamani or our Functional Pharmacist, Dipa Chauhan-Patel

11. You'll schedule a follow-up nutrition and lifestyle consultation to ensure you are forming new healthy habits.

12. Once we get your labs back, we'll send you a video recording explaining your results. You will then schedule an appointment online or by calling Alice Jewski.

13. Come/call in or video chat to go over your results and finally have a high-leverage action plan to start feeling better again. Finally, validation that it wasn't in your head 

14. We'll recommend the highest quality supplements, at their most effective dose, based on your lab findings. We will monitor your response and adjust accordingly. If medications are appropriate, we will refer you to your medical doctor.

15. We'll provide email and concierge support to keep the momentum going. You'll be well taken care of my Julie Anne Seigler and Marissa Metcalfe.

16. To help overcome limiting beliefs and/or emotional trauma, we'll schedule you with Mindset Mastery Coach, Gillian Joy Whyatt

17. To ensure your home isn't a source of dis-ease, you'll have a virtual appointment with our Healthy Home Specialist Andrew Scopick.

18. You will have clinical and concierge support from our amazing team for another 3 appointments.

19. You'll be telling everyone you know how happy and empowered you are.

20. A whole new life of new possibilities will open up to you.

21. You'll have a new set of life skills that will safeguard your family's health for generations to come.

22. When appropriate, we will then review your case, re-test (as required) and make a plan for the next 6-12 months.

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