Gillian Joy Whyatt

Mindset Mastery Coach, Holistic Hypnotherapist

Gillian is a Mindset Mastery Coach and Holistic Hypnotherapist and certified through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Mindset is the foundation of living your best life as she knows first hand living with anxiety and depression a number of years ago, feeling frustrated, lonely and scared as she didn’t know where to go or who to speak with. A friend invited her to a leadership empowerment weekend where she was introduced to NLP and hypnosis. That weekend changed her life along with losing her dad suddenly in 2014. She had hit rock bottom and knew that there was more to life and wanted to live a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy life. She took her training immediately after this experiential weekend and knew that it was her calling for her life’s work.

Gillian met Sachin at an event shortly after beginning her career as a Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach. Sachin spoke about the Brain and Subconscious programming at this event and they began to chat and discuss possibilities of working together. A short time later she came on board with the rest of the Team as their Mindset Coach.

Gillian has a passion for connecting with people on a deep level which facilitates change and growth within. When working with Gillian she focuses on educating you so that you feel empowered and motivated to use the resources that already are a part of your biology and physiology. Her calm confidence allows you to feel accepted and understood in her presence. She believes in a zero judgement zone, you can open up and share with Gillian and she will use NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching to come alongside you to support you and work with your unconscious programming for exponential growth and healing.

Gillian is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach. She works with a number of clients virtually from all over the world as she is board certified to do her work in 38 countries. Her vision is to continue coaching Practitioners who are entering into the Functional Medicine model of Health Care and teaching them skills and tools to use with their clients. She also works one on one with the Metabolic Reset clients to assist them in their weight release journey, one in which Gillian knows all too well and is successfully participating in the program as well. Clients going through their personalized program via the Living Proof Institute get to work with Gillian as well, to experience hypnosis and NLP to assist them on their health journey.

Gillian is a Trainer of Hypnotherapy and continues to build and grow her Institute of Hypnotherapy where people come to learn Self Hypnosis and become Certified Hypnotists themselves. Gillian trains and coaches 1 on 1, in groups virtually and in person, weekend trainings and retreats. Working towards creating an online program so that people can learn at their own pace.

You can find Gillian with a good book, learning about human behaviour and upgrading her knowledge, spending time with her 3 daughters, enjoying being in nature, travelling and road tripping. She loves adventure and meeting new people. You can also find Gillian via social media doing Mindset Mondays where you can ask her questions about Mindset, NLP and Hypnosis.

Gillian is passionate about equipping people with the knowledge and tools so that they are actioning towards living Happy, Healthy and Wealthy lives.

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