Feeling a Little Sleepy-deepy?

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Shhh. Don’t fight it or you will really start to regret it.

So we have a sleep/wake cycle that is partially regulated by light, temperature, and when a person eats (or doesn’t eat – stop late-night snacking!).

Basically, everything has a circadian rhythm like the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and even arteries that send blood to the brain. The BBB isn’t a static structure like most people believe… if that were the case good luck getting stuff into and out of it. It is a structure that changes and a big part of that change is whether a person is asleep or awake.

There are lots of different ways across this mamma jamma and lots of different stuff that gets pulled into or out of the brain depending on the time of day and different parts of the nervous system have different times (like the spinal cord versus the actual brain versus cerebrospinal fluid).

Some of these things like inflammatory messengers, hormones like leptin (have to do with eating) and noradrenaline, B-amyloid (associated with Alzheimer’s and depends on a part of the brain with a big label call the suprachiasmatic nucleus), molecules that induce brain waves for sleep, taking out the metabolic trash, and so on.

Some of the stuff that really affected this was not being active during the day, being active and eating at night, not enough magnesium during the right time. It also appears that being tired the next day is your brain saying “duh, we needed to sleep to do all this stuff, bro” and the brain stays leakier when it isn’t supposed to so it can try and make up for it. Naps can help! You feel tired and foggy in the afternoon? Take a siesta.

So if you want not to sleep, then be aware of the risk for stuff like diabetes and Alzheimer’s will go up, and inflammation will skyrocket. Too much inflammation will throw a wrench into anything you want your brain to do.

Poor sleep has also been shown to increase how often and severe seizures are with the BBB having trouble doing its thing. A big reason why they typically (but not always) have a certain time during the sleep/wake cycle they occur.

So basically one of the worst things you can do for your brain is to stay up late snacking and looking at a screen. Working the night shift… yeah… might want to rethink that as well. Also, going to different time zones has to take its toll eventually.

Author: Dr. Jared Seigler

For the last four years, he has served the Living Proof Institute as Clinical Director. After training hundreds of clinicians in functional medicine and functional neurology, a large part of his focus is to bring awareness to the healing potential of the human body metabolically through functional medicine and promoting neuroplasticity through functional neurology to help with the rising occurrences of chronic disease and providing solutions for complex health problems.

What are common health conditions that Dr. Seigler addresses using Functional Medicine?

Dr. Seigler has success in addressing neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, as well as the adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal imbalances that are common in chronic diseases. By combining Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology, a personalized, long-term strategy can be developed to help maximize the healing process.


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About the Author: Dr. Jared Seigler

Dr. Jared Seigler is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been a Certified Functional Medicine Provider for the past seven years. After watching the health of his loved ones erode without any real answers being provided, he became passionate about utilizing the body’s own healing potential.

By focusing on the root cause of why a person doesn’t feel good, now they are able to put their body in a state of healing, growth, and repair. Dr. Seigler helps a person figure out ‘why’ they don’t feel good instead of figuring out ‘what’ they have. He is also trained in hundreds of hours of Functional Neurology to help promote growth, development, and healing of various regions in the central nervous system.


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