Cyd Alper-Sedgwick

Feng Shui Master Designer

People often ask her what is Feng Shui? Wikipedia defines it as a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. She describes it as principles of design that “Heal the building and, in doing so, heal the people, their finances, relationships, etc.”

She shares her passion with her clients, personal or corporate, so that they too, might live into these principles of harmony and prosperity.

From an early age, being raised by her British parents in Asia, she has had a deep understanding of her passion for the benefits of positive energy and harmonic prosperity.

The joy of seeing her clients experience the benefits of positive, constructive and creative energy is the reason she loves what she does!

It’s not at all unusual for her clients to report immediate and measurable increases in sales, customer satisfaction, personal financial prosperity, relationship, health, and so much more!

To get you started:

1) De-clutter

2) Replace or fix any broken furniture, cracked walls, etc.

3) Update color scheme

4) Place key furniture in “power positions”

5) Add a live plant

6) Make your entryway warm and welcoming

As part of the Living Proof Team Cyd heals the building and, in doing so, heals the people.

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