Creating a Healthy Home

At The Living Proof Institute, we believe that we must lead by example for our children, patients, and community.

In this video, I review some of the things that I do in my home to stay as healthy as possible. I’m going to give to a behind the scenes look and walkthrough of my home so you can see the things that I personally do to try and stay healthy.

This day in age, you must take extra measures to stay healthy and do things that our parents and grandparents never had to even think about.

I hope that this video gives you some deeper insights into how you can take the best care of yourself and your family.

To prevent overwhelm, Apply these strategies over a period of time. Meet yourself where you are and make small investments over time.

You can go directly to the topics that interest you by going to the time in the [brackets].

[2:15] A simple tool I use in the bathroom to clear out toxins more effectively

[5:14] The most healing room in my home

[5:48] The right environment for sleep

[6:44] My favorite type of lamp

[7:20] Specific glasses that I wear when working on my computer or watching TV

[8:58] The tiny device that I use to get into a restful state

[9:49] A peek under my bed sheets

[11:43] My secret weapon to deep healing

[12:30] The far-infrared mat that keeps me and my wife warm at night

[14:55] My personal sanctuary

[17:41] How I improve my focus, clarity, mood, and make my place smell amazing

[19:27] A simple device to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic frequency

[20:38] What light bulbs you should be using at home

[22:45] My favorite kitchen appliance

[23:44] The exact water filter I use

[24:59] How we keep the air clean in our home

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I hope that this quick walkthrough of my home inspires you to take strategic steps towards creating a healing space.  If you found this video helpful, I would love for you to join my FREE 30-day program where I share even more useful tips!

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