Constipation, Osteoporosis, and Fatigue Case Study

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Meet Suzie, a 55 year old female who has been dealing with chronic constipation for most of her adult life. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 53 years old. She also has general low energy, muscle weakness and aches and pains over her entire body especially her shoulders and her knees.

Clinical Presentation

  • Chronic constipation
  • Pain under her rib cage on the left
  • Brain fog
  • Gum disease
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Gallbladder removed in 2005

Patient’s Goals

  • Increased bowel regularity
  • Increase her bone density
  • Decrease her systemic joint pain and muscle pain
  • Increase energy and sense of well-being

Previous Treatments Rendered

  • Has attempted a gluten free died on her own and it did make a slight difference with irregularity
  • Currently trying an online “candida cleanse” – noticing some improvements

Clinical Pearls

  • Gallbladder removed in 2005
  • Used birth control for over 20 years
  • “Candida cleanse” making a difference

Functional Testing

  • The first test we ran on her was an organic acid test
  • This first page of the test here lets us know about energy
  • Right off the top we get fatty acid metabolism
  • Secondly we get carbohydrate metabolism and at the bottom we get her energy production
  • Step by step assembly line within the cell that makes energy and just to highlight
  • You can see how many markers she had in the red
  • So marker 1 to 3 there
  • That tells me that she’s not burning any fat to make energy
  • Now that’s very very important because if you can’t burn fat to make energy and you’re not going to feel energetic beat your brain is not going to run very good either because it actually relies on fatty acid and see what you don’t burn.
  • You actually have a higher chance of depositing or oxidizing and you don’t want either of those going on behind the scenes.
  • Then marker number six told us she also wasn’t burning her carbs to make energy.
  • So this presents as individuals who have a carb rich meal and get really really tired 20 to 30 minutes later or if you have something like a salad and you end up needing something sweet at the end of the meal.
  • This is not normal it’s very common.
  • But this is actually an early whisper that something is going on and then her step by step assembly line. It was almost doing nothing.
  • You could see seven of eight workers there are either in the red or right around the borderline.
  • So she’s not making good energy I would not expect this person to make great energy overall.

  • The second test we did on her was a functional stool analysis and it didn’t really find anything out of the ordinary on the left side
  • In green we have healthy bacteria and she had pretty good growth of all of that, almost too good. And that’s one thing that led me to believe that this could be in the small intestine for her.

  • We did a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth test, it’s called a SIBO breath test
  • Here we have her breath test, it was a very abnormal breath test
  • We don’t see this pattern every day but you could see that right off the bat her baseline is extremely high
  • This test lets you know how much gas is being produced by bacteria in the small intestine
  • When we’re in the stomach that first reading on the left should be close to zero, she was up at 79 for her first reading and then she was pretty much that high across the entire small intestine so this lets us know that this is a massive massive bacterial overgrowth going on
  • Secondly at the bottom left we see that the majority of that bacteria or the majority of the gas is methane gas and methane gas is clinically correlated with constipation
  • None of those methane numbers should be above three her highs. There is at 81
  • So this is somebody I wouldn’t expect to get big relief from dietary changes alone
  • So she had mega SIBO going on

Clinical and Lifestyle Protocol

Diet and Lifestyle:

  • Grain Free Paleo Diet Recommended
  • Vagus Nerve Exercises + Heart Math Heart Training
  • Resistance Exercise Routine 3-4x a week
  • Daily Meditation And Walking For A Minimum Of 20 Minutes

Supplementation/Medication Changes:

  • Herbal Antimicrobials For SIBO For 60 Days
  • Mitochondrial And Metabolism Support
  • Prokinetic Motility Agents
  • Maintenance program for ensuring SIBO eradication


  • Regular Bowel Movements
  • Increased Energy She Started Waking Up At 6 A.M. With No Alarm Clock
  • Increased Strength At The Gym
  • Elimination Of The Majority Of Her Muscle And Joint Pains

So that was Suzy’s case. Now the next steps to feel your best if you feel someone you know or if you personally are going through something similar and require more help.

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