Chronic pain, Chronic migraines, Fatigue Case Study

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When I first met this lady, she had been complaining of migraines since childhood which was over 40 years at this point.


  • Migraines since childhood – 40+ years, worse with menopause
  • History of pelvic/abdominal pain since 1994
  • Multiple surgeries and multiple specialists
  • Trouble sleeping due to pain
  • Constant fatigue that got worse with menopause
  • IBS symptoms got worse with menopause as well

Patient Goals

  • To eliminate pain
  • To reduce migraines
  • Balance hormones for long-term health

Previous Treatments Rendered

  • Migraines would coincide with abdominal pain
  • Lots of symptoms got worse with menopause, history of hormone-related issues like breast and urine hyperplasia
  • Stress would trigger migraines and make fatigue and IBS worse

Functional Testing

  • So we started to run some testing on her and this was her first stool test
  • We could see that there were four bad bacteria into bad types of parasites down there and

  • We could also see that this last marker Golon 8 is a sign that the nervous system is being influenced by what’s happening inside of the G.I. track

Here is where we can see low metabolization of these sex hormones like estrogen progesterone and testosterone and we can also see that the gallbladder is having trouble eliminating a lot of the toxins. So this is going to mess with how the hormones are functioning as well.

Clinical and Lifestyle Protocol

  • Remove pathogenic bacteria and parasites
  • Improve hormone levels and gallbladder function
  • Reduce inflammation/excitation of the nervous system


  • No more abdominal pain
  • Eliminated pain medications
  • Only migraine is when a loved one passed away
  • Energy and sleep improved


This is where we could see upon retesting that we were able to remove the pathogens. Even though someone might say they’re feeling better we always want to make sure they’re actually getting better.

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