Carol Alfred

Content Manager

A devoted mother, wife and wellness enthusiast, Carol is passionate about inspiring people to live and realize their destinies despite the challenges life may present. She is a published author, “Khaleel Alfred-Fenton: More Than A Conqueror, 12 Years, 12 Lessons” and certified fitness instructor who believes that true wellness includes mind, body, and soul. For the past twenty-five years, Carol has held leadership roles in corporate Canada and served as a lay-counselor at her local church.

Carol believes in teamwork, community building, continuous learning, relentless hope and opportunities for improvement in all areas of our lives. She believes that we all have an innate purpose to positively change and affect lives. Carol treasures time with her family and close friends, listening to music, hosting social gatherings, long walks outdoors, comedies and writing.

As part of the Living Proof Team, Carol is the content manager.

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