3 Simple Steps to Help You Breathe Better

Did you know that you breathe over 20,000 times a day?  When a baby is born, everyone waits in eager anticipation to watch them take their first breath.  When a person dies, loved ones gather around as they take their last breath.   But what about all those breaths...

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5 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Digestion

Do you struggle with uncomfortable bloating, constipation, abdominal discomfort, and other digestive issues?  Maybe you exercise regularly, get a full 8 hours of sleep, and have tried practically every diet under the sun, but you know that your metabolism and...

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Entrepreneur Case Study

Meet Jay, a 38 year old entrepreneur. Jay came to the office complaining about his struggle with motivation, joint pain, fatigue, and digestive issues. He had been putting his health aside as he has been growing his business. Now that his business is...

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Brain Health Case Study

Meet Rick, a 27-year-old male student with a history of chronic anxiety. He felt anxiety every single day and sometimes for no apparent reason. He also reported depressed mood, low energy, poor digestive function, and struggles with motivation. He had...

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Adrenal Case Study

Alexia had a lot going one when she came to see me for her initial consult. She was 24 years old, freshly graduated and about to get married. The problem was she felt it was all too much and she couldn’t handle everything at once – even though they were...

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