Angelito Marcos, RHN

Functional Medicine TorontoAngelito is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to live a life of love and joy. His drive to help others began with his own personal challenges and adversities. During a stormy 4 year period in his younger years, he dealt with a multitude of health issues from obesity, gut distress, and depression.

Through his consistency and determination to seek answers to his dwindling health, he began to discover the vast amounts of holistic health solutions. Through his personal trials and tribulations, he began to realize how many people have been suffering through similar circumstances by the misguidance of conventional therapies. Using his personal experiences and education as a Holistic nutritionist, he guides individuals to discover the underlying root causes of their challenges so they may live a vibrantly joyful life.

Outside of the office, Angelito enjoys spending time in nature, cooking nourishing meals, playing drums and connecting with family and friends. He continues to educate himself in his own personal journey by staying up to date with the latest research and experimenting with both ancient and modern holistic practices.

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