Adrenal Fatigue and Hashimoto's Disease Case Study

Meet Evelyne, a wonderful woman in her 70’s that has gone through the Living Light Reset Program and whose life has changed drastically for the better because of it!

By following the simple lifestyle strategies we teach Evelyne was able to lose 24 lbs in only 10 weeks - more than that though, her clothes are fitting better and she’s doing so many more things with her newfound energy!

Something that I’d like for you to take away from this is that there is ALWAYS hope for your health to improve and for you to lose excess weight - you just need to find the right support system and program for you and be willing to put in the work

Evelyne is such a wonderful example of this and a huge inspiration in our Living Light Community…

Because of her AMAZING transformation, I decided to have a Q&A with her so you can learn what she did to experience these lasting results: 

1. What brought you to The Living Proof Institute? 

When Evelyne and I met, she had severe Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and Hashimoto Disease.

She explored conventional remedies to help her lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy but nothing seemed to work - she said that the conventional remedies actually made everything WORSE! 

She stumbled across my Facebook page and when she saw the 5 lb challenge, she immediately started it because it sounded promising - sure enough, she lost 3 lbs in just 5 days! 

She joined my Living Light Reset Program because it addresses nutrition while getting to the root cause of hormonal imbalances, which is what she knew she needed. 

In the Living Light Reset Program, we look at weight in a more holistic approach by focusing on nutrient density rather than calorie intake. Most other programs focus on strictly exercise and diet, but we focus on all of the other elements that go into successful weight loss

Losing weight isn’t just about eating good foods, it’s also about dialing in on your sleep, digestion, and stress levels!

2. What did you try prior to this program in regards to weight loss? 

About 20 years ago, Evelyne said she tried something that was similar to The Living Light Reset Program. The problem that she had with that program was that the nutritional side was imbalanced because it was based on eating patterns that were unsustainable long-term

The Living Light Reset Program focuses on stabilizing blood sugar and on eating a wide variety of nutrient-dense delicious foods that fill you up so that losing weight happens naturally and stays off for good! 

3. How did you find our approach different from what you’ve tried in the past? 

What Evelyne liked about my program is that she never felt hungry and everything was balanced. She had a set fasting time that worked really well for her and she was able to stick to it!

4. What are some of the results you've experienced going through our program? 

Evelyne expressed that she felt lighter in weight but also lighter in an emotional way

Before, she was depressed because of her weight, so this program really helped to lighten the burden and make her FEEL good!

5. When it comes to implementing this program and going through it, how has your life changed since you’ve started? 

Evelyne loved that our program is structured but not rigid. She felt like she had many options in general, and it was easy for her to plan the meals and even shop for the foods - nothing was too complicated and everything was useful! 

She also liked the support that she found through the program and in our wonderful Facebook community. People that have been through the same things that she has gone through gave her advice, and held her accountable - which she enjoyed because that ensured her SUCCESS!

6. What was the tipping point for you to start this program? 

Evelyne explained that she was severely depressed about her weight and lack of energy, so she knew she needed to do something! 

When she came across The Living Light Reset Program she knew that it was the right fit from the start - having certainty is an important trait to have when you’re making a life changing decision!

7. What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking the next steps to better their health but they’re unsure about this program

This program is easy for almost everyone to follow… The foods are tasty, you feel satiated instead of hungry, and the results you get are amazing- so why not give it a try?

Evelyne says “If it works for me, it’ll work for you - trust me!”  

It’s important to believe that you can do it, because if you don't think you can... you won't be able to! 

It’s all about your mindset and trusting the process is key to success!

8. Where would your health be right now if you hadn’t taken action?

Evelyne says she would probably have gained more weight, become more depressed, and just overall be worse off. 

She likes how far she’s come with her health, so she says to “Just do it!”

I am so happy that Evelyne decided to take action and has experienced such amazing results so that she is able to live life on her terms!  

Watch my full interview with Evelyne HERE

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