Alice Modrzejewski

Health and Life Coach

Hi my name is Alice and my goal is to help you facilitate an intuitive relationship with your body and help you integrate simple yet effective habits that get you closer to your health goals in a way that is fun, stress-free and life changing!

My passion for health and healing started during my first year of university. My health took a turn for the worst, leaving me chronically sick and dependent on constant rounds of pharmaceutical interventions. After struggling for several years with my own health journey, The Living Proof Institute was able to help me understand what was at the root of my brain fog, digestion issues, constant fatigue, hormone imbalances, low energy, and chronic pain, which have transformed my health forever.

This journey of self discovery and health inspired me to become a Health & Life Coach to be able to guide and teach others how to become confident and proactive about their own health. I believe that health does not need to be complicated, with the right tools and information, we are able to bring wellness into your life and home so that you can be your most vibrant and abundant self.

My coaching approach marries my passions of health, emotional wellness, slow living and minimalism together to create a clear, enjoyable and powerful strategy for you to become your best health advocate. I am committed to providing support and guidance to our patients and team members as they embark on their health journey.

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