Our Mission

At The Living Proof Institute, we believe that:

Our mission is to provide you with simple, practical, and affordable solutions that promote self-care and personal responsibility. We want to help you achieve personal greatness through health, because it is the vehicle that allows you to serve your family and community in your highest capacity.

Our commitment to you is that we will always seek the root cause of your challenges, we will always listen carefully, and we will ask tough questions so that you can activate your own inner healer and become your own cure!

Our clinical and business practices are utilized by clinics all over the world because they create uncompromising outcomes for patients, practices, and practitioners.

Our vision is a world where we ALL get to experience our highest expression, LOVE.

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Alice Modrzejewski

Office Administrator

As the office manager of The Living Proof
Institute in Mississauga, Canada, Alice is
committed to providing support to our
patients and team members as they
embark on their health journey.

Carol Alfred

Executive Assistant and
Online Content Manager

A devoted mother, wife and wellness
enthusiast, Carol is passionate about
inspiring people to live and realize their
destinies despite the challenges life may

Dipa Chauhan RPh

Functional Medicine Provider

Dipa Chauhan is a board certified
registered pharmacist and a certified
functional medicine provider. She has over
6 years of pharmacy experience ranging
from retail pharmacy, mail order pharmacy
and clinical hospital pharmacy.

Fabio Soares

Chief Technology Officer

Fabio has a deep affection for art and
music birthing his career performing for
several artists throughout the world,
including several TV shows, Latin
Grammy’s and Dick Clark’s show.

Dr. Jared Seigler, DC

Clinical Director

Dr. Jared Seigler is a Doctor of
Chiropractic and has been a Certified
Functional Medicine Provider for the past
seven years. After watching the health of
his loved ones erode without any real
answers being provided, he became.

Dr. Ricky Brar, DC

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Ricky (Gurminder) Brar is a Certified
Functional Medicine Practitioner, bestselling author, speaker, and clinical
mentor. His passion for Functional
Medicine began with his own journey at
the Living Proof Institute.

Sachin Patel

Founder, Speaker, Author,
Health Advocate

Sachin is most notably a father, husband,
philanthropist, functional medicine practice
success coach, international speaker, and
author. is philosophy is that “The doctor of
the future is the patient” and he is actively.

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