A Simple Formula to Get Your Spouse on Board With Your Health Journey

Have you ever been excited to start a new health and wellness program…

Only to almost instantly have a feeling of dread wash over you as you think about trying to convince your partner that this is in fact a wise decision that will benefit the whole family? 

This is something we hear all the time in our practice! 

As practitioners, it’s heartbreaking to watch well-intentioned people struggle to effectively communicate their health goals to loved ones…

And it is even more heartbreaking when the spouse or significant other isn’t supportive simply because they didn’t hear what they needed to based on their own unique communication styles!

It’s no secret that your first visit with a functional medicine practitioner brings with it so many new terms and concepts. 

So rather than retelling everything you learned at your appointment, focus on filtering through and sharing key ideas that will resonate with your partner!  

With this approach, you will learn the exact language you need to use to get your partner to say - 

“Yes! That sounds like a great investment!” 

Being able to communicate with your loved ones in a loving and effective way can actually have positive health benefits for all people involved… 

Poor Communication = Poor Health

Did you know that poor communication is one of the biggest contributors to poor health? 

When we have poor communication skills, we might exchange words for only a few moments but the ripple effect of that could last an entire lifetime

It’s not uncommon to feel anxiety and worry when you think about discussing your new health investment with your partner - especially if you have already spent a lot of time and money on other programs and never got the results you wanted! 

When this happens, your body will likely start going into a sympathetic state not just in that moment but potentially every single time you even think about talking to your partner about it.

This can cause your blood pressure to increase, an inability to think clearly, poor digestion, an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, and your blood glucose levels to rise. 

We want to be able to express ourselves in a way that reduces friction in our relationships and learn the communication styles of everyone we can. 

This knowledge is relevant for an entire lifetime.

Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate this type of situation and build deep, meaningful connections with the people you care about most, cultivating a space of love and understanding. 


Something that we do in our practice is to have every new client of ours take a DISC Personality Test. You can easily find this online and have you and your loved ones take it. The four personality types are:

  • D: Dominance
  • I: Influence
  • S: Steadiness
  • C: Conscientiousness 

Knowing and understanding your own type as well as your spouse’s is crucial for getting the support you need. 

1. Dominant - Dominant people love to be in control and are always up for a challenge

Suggest to them, “I am going to do this program and I challenge you to do it with me” or “How about we challenge each other to go gluten-free and hold each other accountable?”  

Let them know how they will still have control to choose what they eat while you make any necessary modifications! 

2.  An Influencer will wonder - how is this program going to affect my social life? 

Will we still be able to hang out with friends and go to restaurants? 

They need to know that this program will not conflict with their lifestyle and friendships.

3. A person with Steadiness craves stability, tradition, and harmony -  Don’t tell them you are going to overhaul everything about the way you eat! 

Small, steady, incremental changes work much better, along with a list of what you will eat so they can plan accordingly.

4. A Conscientious communication style needs order and precision

These are the critical thinkers who will want to know the details and see the research. 

You will need to demonstrate the power of the program by providing a book or study to read, or a podcast to listen to. 


The DISC Styles of Communication have revolutionized how we practice and we know they will empower you to have better, deeper, and more effective conversations with your partner! 

To learn more simple tips on how to effectively communicate your health goals with your partner, check out our new video:

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