7 Daily Self-Care Habits to Help You Lose Stubborn Weight


Feeling confident, fresh, and well-rested as the warm sunshine streams through your bedroom window, gently waking you from a restful night of deep, restorative sleep

Imagine hopping out of bed with excitement for your upcoming day and smiling as you glance at yourself in the mirror as you notice and appreciate your bright eyes, lean figure, and clear, glowing skin

Take a moment to really feel the peace and contagious energy that washes over you as you start your day with gratitude for your strong & healthy body, focused & clear mind, and unhurried & present spirit

So many of us feel overbooked, overstressed, and underappreciated and think that there is no way we will ever find the time let alone the energy to prioritize our health. 

Day after day we dream of fitting into the clothes that have been hanging, unworn, in our closet for years. 

We think that this is the night we will get to bed early and be able to sleep through the night. 

We hope that this year we will start preparing healthy meals at home after we complete our daily workout. 

And yet….

Nothing changes. 

If you feel like you’re just too busy and stressed to live a healthy lifestyle and feel totally confused about what you should do next…

The BEST thing that you can do for yourself is start creating healthy habits that become a part of your daily routine! 

I share hundreds of SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and SUSTAINABLE habits in my Living Light Reset Program and my clients LOVE it because they experience MASSIVE results within only a few weeks and the changes that they make last a LIFETIME! 

Here’s what one of my wonderful clients has to say about it…

Because I want YOU to be able to start experiencing some of these awesome results, I’m excited to share just a few habits you can start implementing at home today...

These habits will help you: 

  • Safely and quickly lose those stubborn pounds so you can wear the clothes that have been hanging in the back of your closet for years.
  • Run around after your kids or grandkids in the backyard without feeling fatigued.
  • Fall asleep and stay asleep at night without tossing and turning all night long.

And the best part is you can start incorporating them immediately

7 Daily Self-Care Habits to Help You Lose Stubborn Weight:

1. Surround yourself with plants: Plants help to remove the toxins from the air that we breathe, and have been shown to reduce your body’s main stress hormone - cortisol. 

Surrounding yourself with plants will put you in a positive mood and make you feel less stressed and anxious. This is such an easy and passive way to take care of yourself - yet very effective!

2. Start saying “No” to people and projects that no longer serve you: Many people (especially women) tend to say “YES!” any and every time someone asks us to do something, even when we don’t have the time, interest, or energy to be signing ourselves up for one more task

It’s important to understand that when you say “No”, you’re not being selfish - you’re prioritizing your self-care above all else and, as a result, able to show up as a better parent, spouse, friend, coworker, etc. 

3. Nourish yourself with healthy food: Eating a healthy whole food diet will help you lose that stubborn weight, and feel better and more energized throughout the day! 

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, when you eat something that you know is not serving your health, you feel more bloated, fatigued, and tired the next day. 

Replace all of the processed foods that you’re consuming with healthy whole foods such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. By doing this, you’ll feel more nourished, have more mental clarity, have better sleep, and have less brain fog

4. Spend 10-minutes in silence observing your breath:  Did you know that anxiety is a result of thinking of the future and depression is a result of pondering in the past?

Most of us don't stop long enough to just BE in the present because we’re trained to do do do and go go go, but focusing on your breath allows you to become present in the moment and stop the thoughts that are constantly flowing through your head! 

If 10-minutes is too long for you, start with 2-3 minutes and work your way up from there. I try to do this every morning or when I feel overwhelmed or stressed

It’s an important practice because it allows you to become more in tune with your body and how you feel, and it'll help you become less reactive and more responsive!

5. Enjoy a relaxing bath: I recommend doing this before bedtime and adding essential oils or Epsom salts - this will help enhance it so you can calm down, unwind, and decompress after a long day. You don’t need to do this every day, but maybe once or twice a week so you can hit the reset button and also get a good night’s sleep!

6. Go to bed early: Almost every client I work with has a hard time with sleep -  specifically with going to bed early. Sleep is so important for our bodies because it puts us into a rest and digest parasympathetic state. When you're in this state, your body does the most repair, healing, and regeneration - putting you in the fast lane for lasting weight loss. 

So what does going to bed early mean? 

10 PM to 2 AM is when your body does the most healing, so make sure you are sleeping during those hours! If you’re used to going to bed late...my suggestion is to shift that bedtime back by 15 minutes every 1 to 2 weeks until you get as close to 10 PM as possible!

7. Look at yourself in the mirror, say “I love you,” and accept your body for where it is right now: It’s very easy for us to criticize and point out our imperfections in the mirror. Instead, try to pause and look at yourself in the mirror for 10-seconds and appreciate your body for everything it does.

Point out the things you LOVE about yourself and focus on those things instead of the imperfections. Focus on gratitude for your body and all that it does for you!

I HIGHLY recommend you implement these 7 self-care habits into your everyday life to help you lose stubborn weight and have more energy than you did when you were in your 20’s

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