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Leaky Gut, Ulcerative Colitis, Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety

My doctors told me that nutrition did not matter, I knew that was wrong. Not I feel amazing and hopeful again!

Holly - Crohn's and Anemia

This is the best I've felt in 25 years!

Nancy - Heart Health and Anxiety

Nancy has a great story to share!

TJ - Performance Optimization

TJ’s story – I was at my wit’s end. This was the only place I could get the help I needed!

Jack - Hypothyroidism

Jack’s Story – I feel better than I have felt in years!

Sheena - Brain Fog

Fatigue and brain fog


Lisa- Depression and Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease

“I’m originally from Ohio, but I currently live in Vietnam and work as a yoga teacher. I was struggling for about five years on and off from symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

I met Eastern doctors and Western doctors and no one was able to help me. After just one session with Dr. Jared, I saw IMMEDIATE improvement. FINALLY someone was willing to listen to me, take me seriously, and offer me real and practical help.

I Strongly recommend Living Proof to literally every single human who is invested in their own health and wellbeing.”

Lesley McCougan

Dr. Gretchen is a professional, compassionate, caring, thorough guide and helper.

Living Proof philosophy changed my life for my most optimal health and living that has overflowed onto my family. Gretchen helped me with testing, treatment and now healthier living patterns. My Internal Medicine doctor was thrilled to see positive changes in my thyroid levels. I learned that getting to the root of my multiple annoying health issues was priceless, and health is one we can’t afford to loose. I have found more balance, peace, and love for life now that I feed and nurture my body to self-heal itself. The resources and support at Living Proof were helpful in between seeing my amazing Doctor Dyer. Her knowledge zest for good health and beautiful way she helps share her expertise has finally led me to feeling the best I have in 30 years.

Melissa P

“The Living Proof team has been amazing in giving us insight on our health and lifestyle! I would recommend them to everyone, whether you are healthy or have problems. What they teach is very simple with proven results!! Love you guys!”

Vikas S.

“Joining us to speak to a group of student-athletes, you couldn’t have been a better fit. Being able to inform the athletes about the importance of a well-rounded approach to health was imperative and life-changing for them. With our focus on giving back to the community, you were able to provide them with reasons to be engaged in relation to their health, while at the same time, teaching them tangible pieces of information that they can share with the youth in our program. Together, with the knowledge you shared, our students are prepared to volunteer in the community and help spread the awareness of the value that your actions and your thoughts bring to your overall health and well being. You are a tremendous speaker and very interesting to listen to! Thanks!”

Rebecca Babcock

HR Generalist KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group

Dr. Seigler is a living, breathing, moving encyclopedia of knowledge. If you’ve got a problem, he will find the solution! And…he’s funny.

Rest assured that you’re in one of the best hands in the Functional Medicine world!

Kara Kelly

Living Proof is amazing how the staff and Dr. Seigler has worked to restore my health. I am grateful to all the information that I have learned to heal my body. I highly recommend becoming apart of the Living Proof Institute family!

Jacqueline Reina Bender

The whole Living Proof team are incredibly committed to transforming the world to help people achieve their full potential through physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. They teach and lead by example. Their holistic approach includes a wealth of information, personal attention, and patience. The team is your greatest cheerleader. They motivate you to aim high and are supportive during the dips and setbacks.
Thank you!

Heena P.

Hello Dr. Jared,

Thank you for the happy birthday card. Thought I would take the time and update you on my lifestyle. My total cholesterol is now down to 213 without any medication. I have not had any bowel flare ups for so long I can’t remember when I did have an upset. The cardiologist has reduced my heart medicine by half the dosage because my blood pressure had gotten so low.

Thank you for all your help.

Linda Fulton

This is the best investment in your own health you will ever make! They actually find the cause of why you feel the way you do & show you how to fix it to feel good the rest of your life! They literally saved me from my Undiagnosed issue which the regular doctors called “chronic fatigue” when they did not haver an answer after all “testing” was negative of why I felt so awful & tired all the time! So thankful for Living Proof!

Joanna S.

Once again, on behalf of my sister Jackie and Tracy, Christine, my niece Callie and myself, we would like to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the fabulous retreat you put on. We know how much work you put into organizing it, from the informative speakers, products displays, to the delicious food and refreshments you provided at your own expense. This was so generous of you both. The venue was such a great choice and I’ve already told my husband it would be nice to do a overnight stay there in the near future. It is heartwarming to know that you are both such caring practitioners who are making a difference in so many lives. Hugs!


This past weekend was just simply inspirational. Not only did I have the privilege to listen to and learn from some amazing experts, I felt at home. At ease. It was a special kind of moment where you feel as if everyone there cared about each other and wanted to see true healing take place. The best part was watching my friend Reshma Modi lead the group through a beautiful meditation that wowed the entire audience. If you do not know of The Living Proof Institute…you should take some time to look them up. Im inspired to be Livingproof! Thank you Living Proof Team, for sharing such important and life changing information. #livingproof

Sunita Purdair

Hi, I just wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU very much for hosting an incredible event on Saturday. I got a great deal out of the event. The biggest thing I took away from it was “to breathe” and how to breath. I also realized that I believe my subconscious mind is partly responsible for holding me back. I am going to try a few session with Reshma, which I hope will “unblock me”. Again, thank you so much for an incredible day, it was incredibly generous of you.