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Sleep: Fixing Your Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is as vital a process to our survival as breathing and eating and similar to both, quality is highly variable among the general population. We live in a society where the majority of our lives consist of meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, and rarely finding time for ourselves. When time seems to move too fast […]

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Testing: The Secret To Maximizing Your Health Potential

One of the first factors that differentiated humans from animals was the ability to use fire. This opened up new forms of nutrition and a means of survival. As time has progressed, the newest factor that distinguishes humans of the modern era from our predecessors is the ability of quantification. On a daily basis, we […]

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Do I Really Have To Give Up Gluten?

One of the most common questions heard in clinical practice is “do I really have to give up gluten?” If we’re being completely honest, I asked the same thing several times before I researched and discovered the answer for myself. As enticing as that loaf of bread may look, it is important to realize that […]

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But I Thought Fruit Was Good For Me?

Ever since we were children, the mantra has been to “eat your fruit and vegetables”. You might be repeating this same mantra to your own children or loved ones. One problem with this idiom is fruit and vegetables are not created equal, at least from a nutritional standpoint. If the saying was “eat your vegetables […]

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Toxic Burden: Are you at your tipping point?

  The term “detox” has been thrown around so much, we have been forced into believing that it is a process entirely dependent on whether or not we are taking the most current mainstream supplement.  While I do not discredit certain supplements in assisting the detoxification process, the truth is that if our body was […]

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What probiotics are right for you?

Probiotics have become the go to supplement for gastrointestinal complaints like Vitamin C is to fighting a cold. However, not many people know how and why probiotics work (or don’t work). The prefix “pro” means in support of and the suffix “biotic” translates to life. Hence, the term probiotic literally means in support of life. […]

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Magnesium: Your key to optimal health

Written by: Dr Ricky Brar, DC, CFMP In mainstream culture, there appears to be a new vitamin or supplement causing all the buzz every month. Through watching talk shows like Dr. Oz or The Doctors, we are exposed to the wonders of super-foods and super-nutrients such as vitamin D, raspberry ketones, turmeric, avocados, chia seeds […]

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